Today I hung out with my girlies! 
We all met up at Joycelyn's house and then we bus to the subway station to go downtown to Forever 21! We tried on shirts, dresses and jewelry! After we paid for our stuff, we went back to Joy's place and ate! We ate popsicles, ice cream sandwiches, ice cream cake and pepperoni pizza. :-) We also took webcam pictures on Joycelyn's brother's laptop! This webcam is such good quality and it has cool effects too! :-)

Jen had to leave early so we brought her to the bus stop and we brought the laptop with us too and took pictures!

When Jen had to go, we went and sat at a nearby bench! :-)

I hope everyone's summer is going fabulous!

Summer '10 List

It's that time of year again! Last year I started this annual summer list, after I got the idea from this blog! I thought it was a great idea because it just gives me something to look forward to and makes summer seem more meaningful!!! Here's the Summer '10 list:

{} blow bubbles
{} tan in my backyard
{) make tie dye t-shirts
{} play tennis with my sister (x3)
{} eat at johnny rockets
{} make a tent in my room
{} fill up my cork board with photos
{} appear on much music on demand
{} call in on a radio station & request a song
{} go to wonderland
{} go to C.N.E
{} hang out with my long time friend - megan
{} hang with my girlies (x3 - i'm serious.)
{} go to the beach
{} bike to weston park
{} water balloon fight
{} play with chalk & sidewalk
{} make mine & jen's second album
{} go bowling
{} sleep over
{} bake cookies
{} watch the stars at night
{} make a rainbow cake

New Bike

Today Joycelyn came over and we went outside to play! :-) We rode bikes to the
convenience store and bought slushie and beef jerky - OUR TRADITION!


We rode bikes to the new parks that Jen and I found last weekend! :-) When we got there, we climbed up a big hill and just lay there looking at the clouds that were shaped like dragons!


When we got bored just lying around, we decided to actually play on the playground!


We got bored playing on the playground after so we rode the bikes down this path and Joycelyn wanted to take pictures!


Here's a good picture of the heart below! I love it! :-)



Before we left to go home, we modeled at different places! Hahaha :-)


I'm like addicted to riding it and it's so hard not to, especially when I have to study for exams!