Four Years

Happy four years to my bestie and I!  
We both wrote letters to each other this year and she got me rings and I baked her a cake and gave her cute earrings! We made our own homemade bubble wands from these wires I took from art class in grade eight (Heh.. heh.. heh) and our own bubbles!!!! :-)

We blew long, skinny, fat, and round bubbles! Our homemade bubble wands worked so well! 

We had an ice cream break after



and then we continued blowing bubbles again! :-)


Besides having fun blowing bubbles and eating ice cream, we also played on the air mattress!!! :-)

On The Streets

Today I went to the movies with Joycelyn because she got free movie tickets since her Scott Pilgrim movie got interrupted last week! Thanks for inviting me Joycelyn!!! We watched Inception and she watched it again for me! :-) It was such an amazing movie, it really makes you think!@#$%^ I definitely recommend it!

We went back to my house after and ate popcorn chicken nuggets. Afterwards, Joycelyn and I took pictures on the streets, don't we sound dangerous?! There was very few cars that came by! :-)

African Lion Safari

I went to African Lion Safari with my cousins on Saturday! It was my first time going there, I never knew such a thing existed! For those who haven't been there, it's like a zoo but you have to be caged in your car while you look at animals! :-)


We wanted baboons to climb on top of our car!!! We also witnessed an ostrich peeing! Hahaha My uncle was quick on the pedal before we got peed on!


After you go through the zoo, you could see other attractions here and there! Luckily, you don't have to stay in your car for that!!!


We watched the bird show, these are the only good photos! The birds kept flying around!@#$% Grrr, such horrible models!


After the bird show was done, we watched the elephant show! It was my favourite show!!! :-)


Look how amazing they are!


Look how strong they are while carrying those heavy logs!!!


Look at them sleep, how cute!!


The little girl gave the dollar to the trainer and the trainer made the elephant give it back to her, how adorable!


Look at them play sports! After watching the elephant show, my cousins and I got to ride an elephant!!! The spine of the elephant felt weird under my butt! We waited in line forever to ride it, it was so worth the cool photos. :-)


After, we went on a boat that showed us around the area!

After going on the boat, we waited in line for half an hour to ride a mini train!

The breeze felt so good!

The train moved so quick that I barely got any good pictures, however, this one is my favourite from this whole trip!

After riding the train, we walked around and waited for the last show!

The last show was the Parrot Paradise show!

That parrot was soo funny and clever! The night ended with dinner at Mandarin and watching 500 Days of Summer again with my cousins! :-)