Joycelyn came over and we went to Baskin Robbins!
We sat on a stone bench and ate our ice cream!

Afterwards, we went to a nearby park that had a great big field with pretty coloured trees!



She gave me a piggyback! It went well...


until i fell off! Hahaha :-)



This year I spent my Thanksgiving at my cousin's house! We ate and then danced to music videos! Here is one of the music videos that we made to Rihanna's song, Umbrella! I hope you guys enjoy it and have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :-)


Check out the awesome video of my cousins and I dancing to the song, OMG by Usher ft. Will.I.Am! I made the video small because I converted the .mov video to an .avi video to be able to edit it but unfortunately it lowered the video quality! I hope you guys could still see it though! If not, click the video to view it bigger but the quality would suck!