Christmas Park

Jen came over yesterday and we were in sucha slump! We got bored so we went and ate cereal and pizza and played on my Wii! After all of that, we went to the park and it was chilly! We decided to visit the parks we found in the summer. :-)

When we got there, we realized that they changed the playground! They built more equipments and painted the playground Christmas colours! This park is so much better than before!!!

What I love about this park is that there are so many places for you to hang your camera to take pictures!!! :-)


Today was better than most days since I got to miss second period! A police officer came in and talked to us about drugs, weapons, alcohol, bullying and gangs! I realized that I'm one of the few people who haven't tried alcohol in my school! After the assembly, it was lunch timeee! Here are some random shots we took at lunch today! :-)

We often take walks when I bring my camera to school since there are nice sceneries for pictures!

Look at the height differences, they make Alexandria and I feel so short! Hahaha

We decided to walk back to school after we got a bit creeped out by trucks honking at us! Haha This week is so awesome, I had an assembly today, a late start tomorrow and P.A. Day on Friday!!! :-)

Just Another Day

I walked to school this morning because my daddy drove my sister to school early - sucks for me! At least I got some exercise right? :-) It was chilly, there was even frost on the ground!!


I had French first period and we were suppose to be doing work,


but we just decided to play around! Whenever I take pictures with my camera, I get caught! When my other friends take it, they don't!!!


My teacher brought in her pet turtles, so cute! For second period, I had science then I had lunch!


My homegurlz and I decided to take a walk after we ate! :-)


After lunch, I had two more classes and then it was home time!!