Jenga Basketball

Joycelyn came over on Christmas Eve, so we could swap our gifts! She stayed for a few hours, so we ate some delicious chocolate chips banana cake and played Jenga! I this gaame! Haha :-)

Check out Joycelyn's nails! They're so pretty and clever. She did them herself with some lace and nail polish! When we were cleaning up the Jenga blocks, I came up with a game to make cleaning fun! Why not throw the blocks into the bin?! Believe it or not, it is a tricky game! Hahaha We couldn't get the last ten pieces into the bin!@#$% Here's a mini clip of our fails! :-)

Merry Christmas

This Christmas was amazing! My family and I opened our gifts on Christmas Eve at 11:00 PM! That was how excited we were!!! Actually, I was more excited... I opened my gifts Joycelyn got me in the afternoon that day.. with her! Hahaha :-) Here are a few of the lovely gifts!

I loved all the gifts I received this year!!! Thank you to my family, best friends and co workers for all the thoughtful and lovely gifts!!! :-) I hope you all got what you wished for! ♥

Christmas Shopping

I've been super busy with school since teachers have been assigning us a lot of homework and tests before the winter break starts, ugh! Besides the school work, I also had lots of fun in between! :-)

Nothing really new has happened other then I got more clothes and money!!!! $$ ♥ I have a feeling this Christmas will be great since I practically told my family and best friends what I wanted and they told me what they wanted! :-)

Yesterday Jen and I went downtown to get some last minute gifts for people! We first checked out forever 21! We were suppose to be looking for gifts but we tried on some clothes first! Haha :-)


We basically tried on shirts at Forever 21 and got each other the shirts we liked from there and we're going to give it to each other as Christmas gifts! Hahaha :-) We also went to eatons to get my mommy a gift at Sephora! I got her the Marc Jacobs' Daisy perfume, I hope she likes the smell of it! I got her perfume last year so I think she's expecting to get perfume again this year! :-)


We also shared half a hot dog - I love those hot dogs!


Before we went home, we checked out some stuff at Urban Outfitters! They have so many pretty and cool things! I'm finally done Christmas shopping and wrapping gifts! Woop, woop! :-)