Megan's First Macarons


After work today, I went over to Megan's house
to surprise her with my favourite pastries...

Her face totally lit up when I showed her the bag - so cute! I told her to eat it slowly and savour it but gurrl could not handle herself! Hahaha :-)


The mission to her house to see her today
was definitely worth it to see her smile! :-*

Ready or Not

I invited my best friends over yesterday
for a s'mores' party and also as a way to end our last few days of summer together!

We ate dinner and had heart to heart conversations,

before we went to chill at the upgraded park near my house!

... It was more like "played" though ... :-)

We got bitten by mosquitoes in all sorts of places at the park which convinced us it was finally time to go home! I got bit behind my knee, which my little nephew would refer to as the "leg-pit" - like armpit? Hahaha

We definitely did some outrageous things on our way home ... :-) One important lesson they taught me that day was... the less you give a damn, the happier you will be!

When we got back to my place, we indulged in the dessert Jen baked...

oreo cheesecake!

I wasn't a fan of cheesecake when I was younger but as I grew up, my taste buds changed!

These were a partaay in my mouth!!!

It's definitely going in my recipe book for my future cakelets! Hehe :-) Thank you so much for making the dessert Jen ...while Cammy and I just watched you! LOL

My best friends really do bring out the best in me! If you think I'm weird alone... I'm even weirder with them... Heh.. heh.. heh.. :-)

The night ended perfectly with s'mores...
on my portable stove!!!

Hahahah, ghetto-fabulousssss! ;-)

We literally died after eating one sweet s'more! So much for a "s'mores' party!" HAHA

It made me so happy when Camille haven't seen me in months and told me I'm always the same! :-)


Even though we don't talk to each other as much as we'd like, we never ever forget about each other even after so many years!

There was definitely no better way to end the last few days of summer than with my lovers! :-*

Lazy River

On Saturday, I spent the afternoon
at Canada's Wild Water Kingdom with my cousins!

It has been a tradition for us to go every year since their daddy gets free tickets from his workplace! Woop woop!

We did our usuals there... wave pool, water slides, lazy river but this year, we spent a lot more time in the lazy river.

It was probably because of the long line ups at the slides and the amount of people in the wave pool.. Oh! They were also holding Punjabi Day there too!

Either way... I'm happy to have some photos with my cousins! Hehe :-)

Nancy was tanning and relaxing near the wave pool so Lisa and I floated around in the lazy river together... Look at dat sexay face! ;-)

Here's a random photo to show that we're not actually floating around in a pool! :-)

Did i get darker that day? Nope... :-(

...but this photo sure looks like it!!! ;-)

It was nice floating with my little cousin while listening to her little ramblings. She's growing up so fast!

Afterwards, Nancy and I floated in the lazy river together. :-)

After floating around for a few hours, it was time for some food...

and before we knew it, it was closing time! (Which was good since I got a food belly afterwards... Hahaha)

Thanks for picking me up after work on Saturday and always inviting me auntie and uncle!!!

& Thanks to my cousins for a memorable day! :-*

I hope everyone makes the best of their last week of summer!!!