When I'm at a restaurant, it's pretty rare for me to order a salad... like c'mon...

you can easily make your own at home!!! My sister and her boyfriend begs to differ because there is this one chicken caesar salad that they have claimed to be one of the best they had ever tried! I've picked it up for them here and there after work but I never actually tried it myself! With that being said, I invited Megan for lunch at Ferrero's to try this salad to see what it was all about...

Oh gosh, the seasoned chicken was like none other!! Remember how I said you can make your own salad at home? Ya... I CAN'T! I can't make all my lettuce evenly coated in dressing like the restaurant did!! Hahaha

That was by far the best $10 spent and not to mention, their service is always up to par! Megan even suggested that we come back here to eat again! (Yay, of course!!) After we tipped the restaurant, they gave us some biscuits and double bubble gum... and here's a tip, DO NOT EAT GUM WITH A RETAINER.

The gum literally got stuck at the top of my retainer and lucky for me, we went to Hotel Gelato for dessert! Megan told me she never tried gelato before so I had to treat her to one of my favourite treats ever!!! :-)

After we ate, I went to the washroom to scrape off the gum at the top of my retainer (Too much information, sowwie.) and you wanna know where we went next? To my scheduled dentist appointment to fix my cavity.


While we waited for my appointment, we camwhored a bit. Okay, more like I fell asleep and Megan camwhored beside me... and of me!!!! I'm just happy that I didn't drool or snore... but I'm pretty sure Megan would've enjoyed that!! Hahaha

These are probably the most appropriate photos of me sleeping 'cause whatever else she was doing to me... she got the receptionist and patients giggling too!!!!!


After my appointment, we hit up the mall to attempt to find me a prom dress... but we all know I never really follow through with my shopping goals!

I was actually diggin' the outfit I tried on at Topshop and I was also diggin' Megan's maxi skirt which tempted me to try it on too... but then I looked at our height difference and YEAhhhH

The last store we visited was Brandy Melville. I'm still in shock that the store actually opened here in Toronto because I still remember last Summer when I was sending their website link to my friends and gawking at the clothes with them... knowing I will never be able to visit their store in California!

Once I found out they opened a store in downtown Toronto the following two months, I was SO thrilled... and then they opened one in Yorkdale a month ago... which makes me now believe that we were destined to be close to each other!!! Heheh :-)

While I was waiting in line to try on my clothes, I turned around and I couldn't believe it, I saw my cousin Jennifer! I haven't seen her in months and what are the chances that we would bump into each other there... since she literally lives on the opposite side of town! It was so great having her there because she also helped me decide on what to purchase!!

Thanks for a great day Megan and also... thanks for giving me an idea of what to get you for your upcoming birthday!! Heh.. heh.. heh.. :-)

I hope everyone has a happy Easter!


There is one thing I seem to get called out on a lot...

and that is I don't show my face on my blog enough! I don't even have a clickable Facebook profile which seems to irritate some of my friends too!

I remember one friend who told me that she was trying to show my face to someone and they had to scroll endlessly until they found a photo of me! With that being said, this is actually my first blog post... where it's just photos of only me... and it's weird only seeing my face here. So weird!!!

The only reason I don't show my face much is because I'm usually the one behind the camera and I like it like that!!! Plus, I usually don't know what pose to do... so most of the time, I would resort to looking down when my friends grab the camera to take photos of me! I finally know how they feel when I place them on the spot! Hahaha

To end on a happy note, a patient literally just walked in five minutes ago...

and handed me a cup of coffee and a sprinkled donut from Timmies!!! This day is already going so well and I know it's just going to get so much better today! Stay tune! :-)

The Last Straw

My school had a semi formal yesterday and...

well... it's not exactly formal if students at my school runs it at a CLUB. Hahaha

I went to the last semi (and my first one ever) and at the end of the night, my friends and I have declared that we were done with this... it was just not our scene! If you actually read my blog post about my semi experience (Click here to read it!), it actually looked like I stayed at home the whole time!!! Hahaha

We realized our idea of fun was having a girl's night shopping at our favourite stores (OMG! BRANDY MELVILLE IS OPENED AT YORKDALE!!!!), and eating very, very good food with my best friend!!!

It was just a great evening to end this stressful week! :-)

At the end of my semi blog post, I said I would rather spend my next semi eating ice cream -


I realized the waffle cone isn't one of the best things you should save until the last to eat and it would have tasted better if I ate it WITH my ice cream! Woops! Haha

The night ended perfectly with my best friend sleeping over and who knows what we'll be up to today!

To compensate for my lack of blogging this week, stay tune for a new blog post...



My parents weren't happy with me this week.

My mom wasn't happy with me because I wasted so many eggs and my dad wasn't happy with me because I didn't save him any of my baked goodies! I don't think they understand... MY BAKING SUCKED this week!

The "Magic Cake" was a total flop and I also attempted at making Japanese Strawberry Shortcake this week! All I gotta say is... I should stick to making Western desserts for a while!!! My parents should actually be thanking me for not sharing with them because Riri got heartburn the next day --- AhhH!!!  I'm sorry again Riri!!!!

A few weeks ago, Jessica asked me what my least favourite thing to bake was and I think I can finally give her a real answer. As of right now, I don't enjoy baking cakes. (Banana cake is an exception.) I suck at making them, I really do... or maybe I just failed so many times that I stopped putting my heart into them! 

The thing I really put my heart into... are my COOKIES! I actually find the most gratification from baking them!!! :-)

To owe my daddy and Ryan... and to also satisfy my cravings... I baked chocolate chip cookies! Not just any kind... caramel stuffed kind... Oooh yeah!!! Hehehe

These babies were just oozing out and my only tip for baking these is to make sure the bottom cookie layer is thick before you place a caramel above... or else they will sink right through...

not like it happened to me or anything... Heh.. heh.. heh.. :-)

Besides purchasing caramels at Dollarama this weekend, I also picked up some supplies for my English assignment! I felt bad for flopping on my friends Saturday night but at the same time, I had way too much homework to catch up on! Okay, not actually... I just like to overdo things...

In other words... or maybe even a nicer way of putting it, I like to give a 100% in everything I do! The reason I always try to is because...

I know I would be more content with my mark if I knew I had tried my best. :-)

I also spent this weekend looking at prom dresses at the mall! I have been looking at dresses online and it was probably a bad decision to start looking there first because I was trying to look for dresses similar to these at the mall... and I was ultimately a bit disappointed. The idea of not going to prom anymore crossed my mind...

until I found this one contender! I didn't think I would opt for a white dress... a long one... or even this style for that matter! I also went over on the budget my mom gave me... :-)

I still want to keep my options open and try on more dresses... to hopefully realize I have already found a good one! :-)

My weekend ended with my cravings fulfilled -

and sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to satisfy them!!!

I can already hear Megan for calling me ghetto
 for trying to make my own sushi at home... LET ME BE!!! Hahaha