Megan and I were literally each other's motivation to not procrastinate on our homework this week -- so that we could see each other's face this weekend! We spent the afternoon ranting about each other's lives, eating vanilla ice cream, jamming to Drake's new album, taking super attractive selfies, reading old blog entries, gawking at how much my appearance changed in a year (Here's an example!) and stuffing our face with marshmallows!

There are so many things to look forward to in October - I cannot wait!!!! xxx


In my previous blog post, I mentioned how I love having only one gap in my timetable but I forgot to mention how I love having Wednesdays off too! (Next semester, I will also have Fridays off - So excited!!!!) I usually use that day to catch up on my readings but yesterday, I decided to go to school to help out Madelle with her astronomy project! Jasmine, Madelle and I had dinner at this cute restaurant our school created, before Madelle and I went up on the roof!

We had to take a picture of the stars she was assigned (Aries) and the problem was that -- my camera does not take pictures when it can't detect tiny objects!!! I realized that all I wanted was my camera to take a picture of anything dark -- like how can I force my camera to take a photo even if it was unfocused?? That was when it hit me - TIMER!

She couldn't stop thanking me for assisting her but to be honest, I gotta thank her for admiring my photography and letting me go stargazing for the first time!!!! xxx


I literally spent two weeks trying to perfect my University timetable to make sure I had no awkward long gaps during the week! In the end, I was able to work it out so that I only have one day during the week with a one hour break in between my classes! SO HAPPY.

What makes it even better is that my gap happens to be at the same time my friends have theirs!!! It is now our weekly goal to meet up with each other to have lunch and... stalk cute boys on Facebook! Heh.. heh.. heh... Speaking of eating together, I just had bacon for dinner and I cannot get over what my sister said, "A moment on the lips...

forever on the hips."

Different Lives

Although Maddy, Jeremy, Jessica, David and I are all attending different universities, we are still communicating with each other daily through our Facebook group chat -- that we started in June! We would talk to each other during our lectures, on the subway, between our readings, at parties, while eating and yup... we basically promised we won't lose touch even if we're all leading different lives. We all have a lot of readings to catch up on for this weekend (even the rain was a sign that we should stay in and do some work) but that had to be put on pause because -- MADDY IS IN TOWN! 

After reuniting with my high school friends for a quick game of Quelf, it made me realized how much I miss them and how quickly things can change in a few months!!!

Counting Stars

One of my homework assignments this week was to visit the AGO! I can't believe I have never been to this gallery before, considering how much I love art and photography! I went on Wednesday night (Free admissions after 6!!) and I immediately lined up to buy tickets for Ai Weiwei's exhibition and it was so worth it. Truly an amazing artist.

You also won't believe who I bumped into while lining up, my OVO concert buddy - Lisa!!! What a coincidence! Speaking of OVO, I did not win Fruttare's Next Blogger contest! (More details here.) My sister made me realized that although I lost the contest, I HAD GAINED SO MUCH FROM IT! I had the chance to be breathing in the same room as Drake, was treated like a celebrity, received free swag, sat in V.I.P seats, met really amazing people and witnessed history being made on stage! It was honestly an amazing experience that I won't ever forget. I cannot end this without saying THANK YOU to you guys for helping me during this contest! We racked up over 700 likes and I still can't believe it! You guys are amazing!!!!!! I also want to give a special thank you to Megan and Nancy for their continuous help, love and encouragement during the contest! xxx

(I'm so excited to reunite with my high school friends tomorrow!!! Eeek!)

Thiya's 18th Birthday

Since Thiya mentioned that she usually doesn't do anything special to celebrate her birthday,

Megan and I decided to take it into our own hands to make sure the birthday girl was recognized and appreciated for her existence!!!

We prepared her dinner and baked one of her favourite cakes before spending the night laughing wildly, shedding some tears, dancing IN FRONT OF MY OPENED BLINDS! WOW. I JUST REALIZED THAT NOW. Embarrassing.

May your year be filled with lots of happiness, success and love my petite sweet pea! xxx


I haven't been able to blog as much as I had liked to this week because...

 I've been trying to adjust to this transition into University and basically find a balance between school, work, blogging/editing photos, keeping in touch with my high school friends, jogging and hanging with my besties! If you would like more details as to what degrees I'm obtaining, click here!!! 

I'm going to try my best to update twice a week and that way, it will remind me that it is okay to put aside time for things I had enjoyed doing this summer, like leisure reading, baking banana cakes, spending time with my loved ones and most of all, TAKING PICTURES! Those are the happy days I know I would want to remember while growing up!

With that said, I've been super studious this week to be able to spend time with my best friends today and they're actually coming over soon!!! Have a nice Saturday lovebugs! xxx

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for my photography, blog updates and even rare selfies!!! 

First Year

There was nothing sweeter than waking up to a great forecast and a dozen text messages from my close friends wishing me a great first day of University!

Today definitely went way better than I expected! It honestly didn't hit me that I was in University until I sat in my first lecture. I'm really enjoying my program, the big campus and the great people I'm meeting!!! So many exciting and new stuff! I just feel like I have so much more freedom now and I realized there is honestly a bigger world out there beyond those high school doors. I bonded with a few of my classmates so quick that we even promised that we will help each other get through this year together! Not only that, I found friends who are so willing to be my taste testers!!!! Check out all the things I baked last year for my original taste testers! 

Frosh Week

WOW!!! I haven't had anytime to blog this week because I've literally been coming home at midnight and leaving at sunrise for FROSH WEEK @ YORK!!!

The party started to die down once hump day passed but nonetheless, it was a really great jump to the school year!!! It definitely eased all the anxiety I had for making new friends and finding my way around campus! Since I'm in the Digital Media program, I belonged to Winters College, which comprised of the Faculty of Art + Communication kids! The frosh bosses and people I met in the college are honestly so kind and welcoming ...and after two days, York already felt like home!!!!

Here were the highlights of my week:
  • Dancing / Twerking / Hip thrusting / Flag waving / Rock signs
  • Discovering all the heavenly fast food restaurants on my campus
  • Crazy quad parties (So awkward trying to twerk with dance majors!!! Oh gawd.)
  • Waking up super early for free Nutrigrain bars and (watery) Nestea (Gotta get ma money's worth!!!!!! Ja feel!)
  • Meeting only five kids in my program at frosh (Click here!)
  • Learning that in the last five years, there were only SEVEN GRAUDATES from my program (Crying!!!!!)
  • Meeting Jaey after hearing so many great things about her through our mutual friends!
  • Lastly, meeting a group of girls who I can just burp / fart / snort / spit / sing / dance / laugh in front of with!!!

Without a doubt, I think paying a hundred bucks for a sweet frosh kit, cute memories and a group of close girlfriends was so worth it!!! I'm so happy I bought memories instead of clothes, 

they last so much longer.


Goodbye Summer '13

WOW!!! Summer flew by so quick like I thought it would but I didn't think it would be as memorable as it was! My summer consisted of more work shifts, more friends, more laughs, more sleepovers, more hugs, more tea, more books, more twerking, more concerts, more board games, more pizza, more tans, more money, more food, more clothes, more photos and MORE MEMORIES!

I want to thank all the people who spent their time with me under the sun these past two months and made the transition into University less scary than it is by reminding me not to think of everything that could go wrong but all the things that could go right ...and to make these summer days last! I'm SO EXCITED for this new chapter in my life where I'll finally be pursuing what I love! I can't wait to look back on all the memories I'm about to capture on this blog in five years!

Oh summer, you were so good to me. So good.