Megan's Prom

I was so excited when Megan asked me if I could be her prom photographer! She helped me out so much during my prom last year and was actually the reason why I had so many great photos to remember my special day!! With that said, I wanted her to have lots of photos to look back on too!

She looked absolutely stunning today! She's honestly a natural beauty so when she had her makeup done to enhance all her great features.. it was like whoaaa! I'm not the only one who thought she looked stunning -- her boyfriend, David just couldn't keep his lips off of her!! They were absolutely adorable and I'm not even lying when I say that in every photo they looked head over heels with each other!

Thanks for letting me be there on your special day Megs, and I hope you had an AMAZING time tonight!!! xx

Happy 5th Birthday, Bloggie!

Two days ago, I was looking back on my blog posts which had the most views and I noticed that one of them was the one where I wrote about my blog's 4th birthday! I looked at the date of that blog post and realized that my blog's birthday was actually coming up again in two days and it was also the same day I invited Camile, Joy and Thiya over for dinner!!! What a coinkadink! With that said, we celebrated my blog's 5th birthday tonight with my classic banana cake!! LOL

Before I end this, I just want to acknowledge and thank all those who have been following along on my adventures!!! I still find it funny how I started this blog without the intention of committing to it! Seriously. I just looked at it as a tool to share photos that I took of my friends during recess in grade 8! I really didn't expect anyone else besides my middle school friends to read it.

Now that I'm looking back, I realized that my blog has given me opportunities, encouraged me to enjoy my youth and it actually captured all the happy memories I made since I was 14 years old! Blogging has became ...a really big part of me and I love it -- which I realized is pretty obvious since I've been sticking with it for 5 years now! LOL xx

Megan's 18th Birthday

I felt so special when Megan messaged me to confirm whether or not we were hanging out on her birthday this past Saturday, only because I knew she probably she had a line up of people who wanted to spend this special day with her!!

The space was really lovely and so was the service and the food! We had the server on the right and we were all just gawking at how pretty his natural green eyes were. They were both so cool with me taking photos that they even offered to help!!

If you didn't know, I'm obsessed with eating and baking banana bread... so when I saw that they had banana bread french toast on their menu... HOLLAAA!

I hope you had a memorable 18th birthday, Megan!! You always see the light in other people and I hope that you see the light in yourself too! You deserve nothing but the best on your special day and I hope your year is filled with nothing but happiness. Love you lots!!! xx

Brunchin' @ Boom

It's almost one month since I've started working at my new part-time job and I'm really enjoying it!! I already knew it was going to be cool seeing the Toronto skyline daily but who knew that I would meet so many amazing people along the way! I also find myself looking forward going to work because it doesn't feel like I'm working when I'm with them... if that makes sense?!

I'm not sure how Alejandra and I first met but it feels like we've known each other for a really long time!! I remember how she said it felt like she has seen me somewhere before when she first met me too! LOL

Besides sharing an interest in photography together, we both have the same sense of (weird) humour! I actually find myself laughing with tears in my eyes whenever we're working, subwaying home, chatting late on Facebook/Snapchat or just waiting in line to have brunch at Boom together! She's actually one of the most hilarious person ever!!

I seriously can't wait to spend this summer with her and all the new friends I've met so far! I already know this is going to be a memorable summer and I can't wait to share it all on my blog!! Hehe xx


On Wednesday night, the fab 5 (minus one) got together to play our usual board games in Maddy's basement! For this game session, we played Like Minds and Apples to Apples. Not to brag and all... but I was just killing the game Apples to Apples by placing down ridiculous answers for the card (the game is similar to Cards Against Humanity)! It got to the point where they already knew who put what answers down. LOL

While we played, we nagged Maddy's little sister to make us lattes but she had a geography test she had to study for. It's okay though! When David visits us next week from London, we're all planning to check out this game board cafe, Snakes and Lattes! By then we'll be able to get our latte fix! LOL