Same Old

It's actually a very rare occasion for the five of us to hang out during the year because someone is either busy studying, travelling or working! Our original plan was to have sushi today but since everything is closed on Family Day, we decided to just hang out in Maddy's basement like the good ol' times... sorta... even though we were missing David from our Fab 5 group!

It's funny how two years later, our idea of fun is still the same... playing a game of Quelf and Just Dance together! Although we don't see each other as much as we would like to, we still talk to each other every single day on Facebook!!! I'm not even kidding!

Valentine's Day

It's really nice how Valentine's Day leads right into reading week! Since I only see Daniel once or every other week, given that we both go to different universities, we are trying to spend a lot of time together during the break! He came over on Friday afternoon and I found out that he enjoys baking! Okay. Not really. But he enjoys helping me stir... or so I think!!! He really enjoys eating, that's for sure!!!! We baked my favourite banana cake, watched shows and argued with each other while playing Mario Kart! He's such a sore winner. Ugh.

I saw him again the next day since it was Valentines Day! I'll be honest, this is the first time I have someone to celebrate it with! It was really nice being treated to dinner and holding hands with someone in the theatres afterwards. I mean, I could still do that with one of my girlfriends but I think that sort of intimacy can get a little weird! LOL 

Bug Out

I know that I've been mentioning in a lot of my previous posts that I'll be updating more often! I do have a lot of photos sitting on my memory card because I have been going out (+ eating out) a little too much lately but the reasons that I haven't been blogging is because I'm either: 
  • consumed with homework
  • choosing to go to yoga instead
  • choosing to keep memories to myself
  • unhappy with my photos!!! :-(

My 20th Birthday

So for my birthday this year, I didn't plan on doing anything extravagant to celebrate... besides going out for dinner with my family! However, my boyfriend and best friends wanted to do something special for me - so sweet!

Daniel and I celebrated my birthday last weekend, since Joycelyn and Camille wanted to have lunch with me on my actual birthday! The three of us ate lunch at our usual spot. They both got me presents (that were actually on my secret wish list) and bought me my favourite carrot cake!!! I was so ecstatic!!!!!! Hahaha

It still hasn't sunk in that I'm 20 years old! Holy moly!!! Literally everyone that wished me a happy birthday either welcomed me to their side... or simply told me that I was old! Like thanks fraaands! Hahaha