I met up with Claudia today for lunch and we tried out the sausages and fries at Wvrst! They actually have so many different varieties on their menu! I tried their vegan black bean sausage and their duck fat fries (which is basically fries that have been fried in duck fat oil instead of oil). Okay, so I haven't been strict with this vegetarian diet in the past few months. I have still been eating seafood.

I think the reason for that is because I really enjoy sushi and I just want to make it easier on my mom for when she cooks dinner. I think the only thing I've been sticking to is not consuming any beef, pork or chicken meat. Besides that, I haven't been that big of a picky eater with things like chicken broth or veggies being fried in the same pan as beef. So I did try the fries fried in duck fat and I'll be honest.... it tasted good but I literally felt like puking the whole day after eating that... :-( As of right now, I am unsure whether or not I will go back to my old diet because ever since this change, I have noticed many changes in my body (stronger nails, thicker hair, thicker lashes, thicker brows, way lesser acne, more energy etc.) so I guess I will just continue this pescatarian diet!

^^^ Me looking super attractive eating a hot dog. LOL

My day ended with picking up macarons at Delysees with Claudia and meeting up with Thiya for ice cream sandwiches at The Red Bench! What a great day well spent with my faves! :-)

Camille's 20th Birthday

So for Camille's 20th birthday this year, we celebrated it at Red Lobster! It was my first time dining here and I was actually really excited to try their biscuits because of the way Cammy and Joy were describing them! And they were good!!! Just thinkin' about how soft and warm they tasted is actually making me crave them right now. Ugggghh.

The other thing I was excited about was that Camille was finally legal to drink!!! Camille told me that she drank before but I told her that this was different because she's finally legal to drink now!!! Joycelyn had to remind me that she was turning 20 and not 19... oops awkward!!!! LOL

I seriously can't believe the four of us have been friends since elementary school! Crazyyy!! Especially considering how each of us went to different high schools after and now we're all attending different universities!! As cheesy as it sounds, I think these girls will be my best friends forever. :-)

Happy (early) birthday Camille!!!! I can't believe we've known each other for more than half our lives! You're the most hardworking, genuine, thoughtful, hilarious, and (one of the) prettiest friends I've got! I'm so proud and lucky to be able to call you my best friend. Your man better realize he's one lucky fella too!!! x


My school decided to go on strike last Tuesday and I told myself that this would be my chance to get ahead on my school work! I was so motivated guys, I literally planned out what I would do each day after I finished my yoga practice in the morning. When the time came to actually do it, I would just tell myself that I can do it the next day. Since we will also be given extended deadlines once the strike is over, I know I will have time. In short, I've actually done no work since!! LOL

Instead of doing something productive for school, I've literally taken advantage of this time to apply for summer jobs, do yoga every morning and spend more time with friends. I know reality is going to hit soon but I'm just going to make the best out of this free time I have now!

I've also been eating a lot of sushi lately that I think soy sauce makes up 5% of my blood now!!