Niagara Falls

I think one of the highlights of my summer was taking a Niagara Falls trip with Daniel! We were lucky to score an overnight stay at an affordable hotel that was within walking distance to major attractions and restaurants!!

We decided to leave on the day I finished my final exam for my summer school course. After checking into our hotel, we headed to East Side Mario's for my celebratory dinner!! :)

We visited the iconic falls afterwards and I gotta give my boyfriend the credit for these night photos. My photos nowhere compares to how good his turned out! We also checked out the casino that night and played their one cent slot machines until we each lost $5! LOL

Since we were both not down to lose more money on games that required pure luck, we went back to our king suite, turned on the jacuzzi, poured some white wine, watched the Family Channel and cuddled until we both dozed off. :)

I was so excited for our adventure the next day! We had a huge breakfast at IHOP, while planning out the activities we wanted to do before heading back to Toronto. We checked out the Skylon Tower first and we both thought it was really weird how much it resembled the CN Tower outside and inside, until we learned that it was actually constructed 10 years earlier!?!

The view of the falls seriously looked so much better up there!

Since it looked like it was about to rain soon, we quickly drove to the Butterfly Conservatory next!

On our drive there, I was so excited to enter the observatory but I actually found myself (just a bit) terrified once I was in the same room with so many butterflies!!! I found more comfort viewing them behind my camera because it distracted me from seeing how many were flying around me.

Daniel would film our Niagara adventures here and there throughout the day. For some reason, the moment he decides to film me was the moment a butterfly landed in my hair!!! I was already (just a bit!!!) terrified of them attacking me... so when one landed on me... OH hell naw!!!!

I literally risked my life for these photos guys! I think I'm more of a daredevil than roof toppers!!!

It started to pour as soon as we left the building, so we didn't get to do all the activities that we had planned to do. It's all good though - that just means we have to plan another trip to come back!! ;)


Since Joycelyn is finally back from California, we had to hang out and enjoy what's left of summer together!! We spent our afternoon catching up over brunch at Golden Turtle and having blueberry/waffle ice cream at Sweet Olenka's!

We somehow ended up in Yorkville after and wandered in and out of retail stores, before walking by the Andy Warhol exhibit! I was so surprised that we came across it because I remember how I wanted to check out this place after seeing it on my Instagram newsfeed!

Art history was actually one of my favourite courses in University and pop art was the decade I enjoyed learning about the most! With that said, I was really excited to finally check out this exhibition!!

There were so many amazing pieces on display that the little touristy me had to get a photo with almost every artwork!!! LOL

There were so many people watching me as I tried to imitate that artwork above! So embarrassing!!! LOL

I don't think my day ever go as planned when I'm hanging with Joycelyn but it's always a good time regardless! I can't wait to go to CNE with her and the girls this week!!!


Wow! These past four months working at the CN Tower flew by so quick! The main reason why I enjoyed working another year here is because of the people I got to work with! Thanks for making this summer great guys and I wish all of you the best in your future endeavours!! x

And thanks Matt for this awesome group photo!!!

Recap of my Week

There were so many exciting things that happened this week that lugging around my camera wasn't really ideal! Daniel actually gave me his iPhone 5 to use since he upgraded to the newer model, which means the camera quality is a lot better than the iPhone 4 I had! My sister also bought me a cute gold pineapple case from JCrew, which makes me want to pull out my phone all the time to admire it!! LOL

Here's a recap of my week through my iPhone photos! I had brunch with my best friend Thiya this past weekend at Wilbur! We devoured tacos, guac and chips while catching up on each other's summer. Thiya always says that she finds herself eating too much or getting grass stains whenever we hang out together! I guess it was no surprise for her when we picked up green tea frappucinos at Starbucks and macarons at Delysees, after she claimed that she was full!! LOL

On Sunday, I went to Wonderland with Ryan, Susan and Maria! We spent most of our time at the water park! I'm pretty sure my sister and I stood under the large water bucket, where it would accumulate a lot of water before dumping it on us, about 10 times!! We would've stood under there even more times if no one nagged us to get going! LOL

We purchased a wristband to get unlimited access to pop, so we kept encouraging Ryan to get refills to get our money's worth! Every time he had to go to the washroom, my sister and I saw it as our chance to run under the large water bucket!!! LOL

Our day ended with the four of us napping on the lawn chairs and getting our tan on! I'm pretty sure I got one shade darker. My sister begs to differ but I just think it's never the right lighting when she sees me y'know?? I also got bird pooped on, which is apparently good luck?! Thing is, my g2 test was the next day and let's just say... I didn't get good luck. :-( My sister helped me bounce back from my "too sad to function mood" by reminding me that the test doesn't define who I am and she's so right!!

A few days later, Daniel, Nancy, Ashad and I attended the Miguel concert!!!! Miguel certainly did not disappoint. I just couldn't believe his presence was so close, his voice was so angelic and his abs were so real!!! This was actually my first concert where I didn't bring my camera because I was afraid it would get confiscated, so thanks to Dan for this Miguel photo!!

Science Centre

Daniel and I kinda went overboard with spending last month so we're cutting down on our date budget for August! One of the perks that comes with working at a tourist place is that my badge grants me free access to other tourist places, which makes for fun (and cheap) dates!!!

So yesterday, Daniel and I had all you can eat sushi at Aji Sai before making our way to the Science Centre for some afternoon fun!!! Here's a bunch of photos that I've gathered from both of our cameras!

I really wanted to check out "The Amazing Aging Machine," because that station always seems to be crowded whenever I go!

My big head actually got stuck in that astronaut cut-out!!! LOL :-(

We were having waaay too much fun with the plasma ball and air blower! He loved seeing my reaction every time he poked me while touching the plasma ball! So evil liiike! LOL

Meanwhile, I enjoyed having my hair (and nostril hairs) blown around!!! LOL

We both wanted to do the electricity demo that makes your hair stand up but we arrived too late for the show, so hopefully next time we get to do it!! On the bright side, I finally got to do what I was looking forward to doing!!! LOL :-)