Yoga in the Vines

Every time school resumes for me, it's noticeable how I tend to update less on here. I don't really like that because I enjoy blogging (well... you would think I do by now if I had this blog for almost seven years!! LOL). I realize I can continue to share more frequently during the school year if I prioritize and dedicate my time to it! With that being said, here's another update for this week!

Last Saturday, I had the chance to take photos for the annual event, held by my favourite yoga teachers, Yoga in the Vines! I feel so honoured that Natalie and Jaclyn would ask me to take photos for them again this year!! (Click here to read the post from last year if you haven't yet!)

During the event, many of the yogis asked me if I was studying photography, if I practiced yoga and if I was the photographer for the teacher summit. I was also asked how I got assigned the role of the photographer!

So here's the story of how exactly I got involved! Last summer, I didn't practice yoga as much as I had liked to because I was too busy working at the CN Tower buy the camera and lens I'm using now!! LOL

I remember showing up to one of Natalie's (that's the cute lady in the bottom photo) classes and having her ask me what I have been up to since she haven't seen me practicing in her classes. I told her that I was busy taking pictures at work and coincidentally, she was actually looking for a photographer for this event last year!

Ever since then, so many opportunities unfolded for me at Power Yoga Canada, that I'm very grateful for.

Since the event was such a success last year, I'm so happy they decided to do it again this year. It's such a great way to meet new people in my community and seeing the friends I made from their previous events and classes!! :)

It's weird how it was raining during the event last year and this year but that really didn't stop us from having fun!

The morning started off with yoga led by Natalie and then a dance session led by Jaclyn. We also had the amazing Normando playing music for us!

And I can't believe Jaclyn was actually showing everyone how to do the whip/nae nae!! It was actually amazing to watch! LOL

Before travelling to the other wineries, Southbrook Vineyards kindly prepared us a delicious lunch! :)

Natalie and Jaclyn changed it up this year and took the group to two new wineries! The staff were really great and welcoming at both!

This whole event wouldn't have been a success without the people in the photo below! Thanks again for having me guys!!!

It was so hard to narrow down a few photos for this blog post, so head on over to my Facebook page (I can't believe I finally made one!!!) if you would like to see more!

Three Hours

I wasn't able to see Rachel as much as I had liked to this summer, since I always seem to have work or plans that I couldn't get out of when she was in the city. Since she's finally back for school, we had to meet up and celebrate her belated birthday!!! We decided to change it up today and ate at Queen St. Warehouse, instead of our usual sushi spot.

I just realize that we tend to meet up at the beginning of the school year, in the middle and at the end of the last semester! We have this type of friendship where we can just go for months without speaking and seeing each other but can easily pick up from where we left off (those are the best kind of friendships!). We had so much to share with each other today, that we didn't realize how quickly three hours flew by!!

I seriously can't wait to see her new place near the water front and the spectacular view she gets of the CN Tower! So envious but so happy for her!!!

Favourite Pancakes

Daniel and I have been talking about going to Mildred's Temple Kitchen for brunch for some time now. It was always one of those ideas that we brought up when we're trying to figure out where to eat on Sunday morning. I think the main reason why we didn't go was because this place doesn't take reservations for brunch on the weekends and knowing us... when we get hungry... we tend to become hangry real quick (hungry & angry). With that being said, the thought of potentially having to wait for a seat didn't sound like a good idea to us. :)

After putting this idea off for the whole summer, we decided to have brunch on a weekday instead! I've been here before with Madelle for her birthday and I don't know why I didn't order their classic blueberry pancakes then. It was so good! So soft! So fluffy!!! I think it's safe to say that these are my favourite pancakes right now. :)

Wooffles & Cream

I’ve heard about Wooffles & Cream through the number of photos I’ve seen on my Instagram feed (basically my primary source for discovering new places to eat at) and have been wanting to check out this place since. I'm really lovin' this new idea of using hong kong egg waffles as ice cream cones. I've tried Bang Bang's version but I actually like how this place uses soft serve ice cream instead!

I paired their matchazuki parfait with their black 'n' white sesame wooffle. Meanwhile, Daniel tried their ice cream twist with the lap cheong (chinese sausage) and seaweed woofle. He preferred what I had over what he chose... SAME! ;) I'm glad there was no long line up on the day that we went. I've heard it's not unusual to see people waiting over an hour for these, cray cray!!

Ethan and Linda's Birthday

Although I'm going to miss summer very much, I'm actually really excited for autumn!!! There are so many things I can't wait to share on this blog, like my new teaching placement with grade fours, photography gigs, fall wardrobe, birthday gatherings... and speaking of that, my cousin Linda had a joint birthday party with her son at Tenichi last night!

After having all-you-can-eat sushi, Linda and Ethan opened their gifts before dessert arrived at the table! My little cousin Eli was certainly not happy to see his older brother open gifts after gifts, while he received nothing. To cope with his jealousy, he unwrapped Ethan's gifts for him without asking. Oh Eli! LOL

My sister and I are so glad that Ethan still haven't grown out of his lego stage yet, which makes it easier to figure out what he wants for his birthday! (Check out the wrapping paper Eli is holding, after unwrapping Ethan's gift! Hahaha)

On the other hand, looking for a gift for Linda required a little more effort for my sister and I. Since her birthday is only five days before her son, it's safe to say that he was the best birthday present she has ever received. ;)

In our attempts to find a gift just as good (oh who am I kidding hahaha), we wanted to get her clothes that could help her transition into fall!

We found her an adorable vest and printed scarf (that my sister and I were really contemplating on buying duplicates for ourselves) from Aritzia. I can't wait to see her rock these items with the new Chanel boy bag that she got from the hubby. ;)

Their birthdays always make the first month of school so much more exciting! You can read about Ethan's past birthday celebrations herehere, here and here!

August Favourites

Hey guys! So this is my first time making a monthly favourites post, where I share products that I was (or still am) obsessed with! I really enjoy watching Youtubers share and review what they're into because I just find it as a great and entertaining way to discover new things!! Without further ado, here are my favourite things for the month of August!

The Weeknd’s Beauty Behind the Madness

It’s safe to say that I’m a big fan of the Weeknd. I’ve seen him live in concerts three times!! I’m still really sad I didn’t get to see him perform this summer, but hopefully I can find tickets for his show in November! His music has certainly evolved over the years but nonetheless, he proves that he can master any genre. Loveeeeee him!

Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil 

This stuff is now considered as one of my “holy grail” products!!! My skin has changed a lot ever since I changed my diet by cutting out red meat, poultry and pork. I’ve also stopped using my Neutrogena / Spectro Jel face wash in the morning. I used to think that I needed face wash to strip away the excess oil but what I’ve found over the years is that it just left my skin feeling so dry! I knew this wasn't normal, especially since I had to spend more money on buying creams to compensate for the dryness.

After changing my diet, I realized that my body was capable of healing itself, so I decided to lay off on the face wash too. All I do in the morning now is just splash my face with cold water and then dry myself off. As for my nightly skin care, I knew that I needed something more than that since I put makeup products on my face. I've been a fan of the Body Shop's All-In-One BB Cream for over a year now, so I figured that their products work really well with my skin. I decided to try out their tea tree oil exfoliating scrub and I've been in love ever since!! I'm also hooked onto their tea tree oil. I apply this stuff on my blemishes after exfoliating and I've noticed how much they have minimized overnight! Just a heads up, this stuff does have a distinct smell but it works wonders!!

Vega Snack Bars 

I first found out about these plant-based bars after my sister brought a box home from Costco last week. We both finished this box within a week! It’s a quick thing to grab in the morning for breakfast when I don’t have time to make anything. It comes in three different flavours and my favourite one is the cashew and coconut!!! (Sorry for eating most of them Susie... heh heh)

Art Gallery of Ontario

Daniel and I have been planning to go to the AGO all summer and I'm glad that we were finally able to check it off our summer list last Friday!! Before heading to the gallery, we grabbed lunch at The Big Slice!

I heard about this place through the images I've seen people post on instagram! Thing is, I actually find that Daniel and I have been expressing our cravings for pizza to each other every now and then. With that said, we were both looking forward to our date! I mean, seeing each other is exciting too but let's be real... pizza is the bomb!!!! LOL

Those instagram images I saw definitely did not exaggerate the size of these ginormous slices! The cheap lunch and free admissions to the gallery made for a very budget-friendly and memorable date that day!! ;)

Once we entered the gallery, I told Daniel to go find and show me his favourite artwork. Within a few seconds, he declared that his favourite one was the first painting we saw when we turned the corner! I couldn't tell if he was serious or not but he did spend a good few minutes admiring it! LOL

Although I've been to the art gallery before, I find that there's always something new to admire in their permanent showcase when I visit again!

I'm not sure if they recently opened up a cafe there but when I saw their sign that gelato was being offered in the building - I had to get myself a scoop! I've been having gelato so often this summer that I think my love for it is almost as big as my love for macarons!! Just thinking about it makes me want some right now. LOL

After I devoured it (and was nice enough to share with Daniel...),  we continued exploring the rest of the gallery! We were both really intrigued about the spirally staircase and had no idea that it would lead us to an access for another floor!

After exploring the highest floor we could go, we had dinner at this cute ramen place, called Ryu, which Daniel mentioned he wanted to check out before!

The more I hang out with this guy, the more I find myself falling for him!!! (Help.) I'll be honest... before we even started dating, I used to wonder how couples could not get bored of each other?! Now that I'm with Daniel, I find that there are so many places I want to explore and show him!