Earlier in the year, I mentioned that I got a position with TTC, but I ended up quitting when I realized it wasn't for me. Luckily, I still have my receptionist position, but I'm not getting as many hours as I would like for the summer. Long story shortttt, I've been so focused on trying to find another job that I have neglected my little bloggie!!!!!!

Besides job hunting, I've been seeing my friends who are back in the city for the summer! Maddy, Lana and I had a quick coffee date at a cute little coffee shop a few weeks ago. I seriously don't know how people do such a pretty flat lay of their food on Instagram!!! You're literally taking a risk as you hang your camera over your food (unless you're allowed to stand on their chairs), positioning it so everything is in the frame and then hoping that it's all in focus. At the same time, you're trying to not think about all those EYEBALLS that are staring at you as you struggle!

With that being said, I really admire those who dedicate their whole Instagram feed to this ~*~aesthetic~*~. You guys make it look so easssssy!!!

I'm so glad that I have friends who were so patient with me as I tried to get outta my comfort zone and was willing to drink cold lattes too! Y'all are the best! LOL

After we had our girly chit chat, we tried to take outfit of the day photos for me...

Ok.. It was more like me mocking the signature pose I used to do (and actually still do... omg...) when I used to show off my style on here! LOL 

If you're interested in seeing my awesome style from back then (I'M JUST KIDDIN' ..pls don't have high expectations now), click here

I still remember Maddy telling me to not look so cold in my photos that, but like... it was too chilly that day to be modelling! LOL

It was so nice catching up with these girls after so long! It's kind of cheesy to say but I actually do think that the friendships you make in high school will last for a lifetime. :) 

Humber Bay Arch Bridge

WOW! I can't believe how quickly that one week in Mexico went by!!!! I'm currently in the midst of sorting through my vacation photos and figuring out how to blog about my fun week with my family. In the meantime, I still have some catching up to do on my blog!!! Eeep.

On Victoria Day, Daniel and I visited this gigantic bridge near my house! Every time a photo of this place popped up on my Instagram feed, I would make a mental note to check it out. It only took us a year or so to finally go... LOL

Although we got lost when we first arrived and my new flats were giving me blisters (first world problems for realz) ...we FINALLY found it! We realized it wasn't a good idea to go on a Sunday afternoon because the bridge was packed with cyclists and strollers.

I had so many people tryna photobomb ma man. Like oh hell naw!!!!

Every time Daniel saw a dog, he would literally say, "We are SO getting one!!!" In an annoyed voice, I would reply with, "No we aren't."

After he kept saying that to every dog he saw, I realized that he actually saw a WE.. an US.. in the future! GASP!!! LOL

Ah... these flats... so clean.. so new... so... PAINFUL!!!

Unfortunately, we were in a bit of a rush because he had an ultimate frisbee game scheduled that evening, so we didn't get to hang around for as long as we liked. Before we left, I told him to pose for me and give me a pensive look as he stared out into the water.

"Daniel, I need more!!!!!"