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Montreal (Part 3)

My laptop has been giving me a lot of issues these past few days, so this blog post is long overdue! I'm crossing my fingers right now that Mackenzie won't restart on me as I'm writing this!!! 😥

So after hearing and reading about the great view you could see from Mount Royal, I wanted to check it out with Daniel on our last day there! My friend told me that we should visit this place during sunrise or sunset to get nice shots and to avoid a lot of tourists.

We tried to go to bed early, in attempt to wake up for the sunrise. To be honest, I think if we had more change to play at the arcade, we would've stayed out later on a Saturday night. Haha!

The next morning, it was so bright in our room and that's how I knew we woke up too late. I was sure that I didn't hear the alarm, so I checked to see if I had turned it off. I saw that I had set the alarm for 5:30 PM!!!!! LOL

I quickly shook Daniel and he started to panic because he thought we had missed our bus! LOL

We were really conflicted on whether or not we should still go because the bed was just so cozy! It was also gloomy out - just like the weather we're having in Toronto today!

He said that I would regret it if we didn't go, since it was one of the top things on my list. I knew he was going to be right (for the first time!!!), so we called an Uber and got changed really quick!

We were a little confused on where to ask the driver to drop us off, but we eventually figured it out after seeing a bunch of people jogging along this path.

It was really interesting to see how many joggers and cyclists there were! Actually, it was interesting how there was a small mountain in the city of Montreal!!

I took so many photos from the same angle because I was just in awe! Even though we didn't go during sunrise, the view was still amazing. This isn't exactly the best photo of us, but it's one of the rare ones where we're actually in focus! LOL

Of course when Daniel tried to take a photo of me, a bee came to attack me... 😢

It was definitely a great way to end our weekend trip together! 💕

Thanks to Kim and Matt for suggesting this spot!!!

Montreal (Part 2)

The next morning, we had breakfast at a cute restaurant around the corner from our Airbnb and planned out the rest of our day together!

Since there are so many things to do in Montreal, I had a bit of a tough time creating the itinerary for us. I decided to just list a bunch of places that looked interesting and then waited until the day of to see what we were feeling!

We decided to check out the fine arts museum after reading great reviews online! We made a quick trip home to drop off our smoothies, before walking over there.

If you've been following along, then it’s probably no surprise that we chose to hang out at the museum because this was the third one we've been to together. You can read about our other times here and here!

This museum was huge!! We had no idea that it spanned four buildings, until we saw the map and realized that they were all connected underground. Here are a few photos from our visit!

I didn't know which turns or elevators to take, so Daniel was pretty much the tour guide for the afternoon. To be honest, he was the navigator for the whole trip because I kept taking us down the wrong street. LOL

Every once in a while, I would pull him towards something that caught my eye, like this colourful wall of stuffed animals!! Whatta beauty!

As I was going through Daniel's camera for photos to share on here, it was interesting to see what caught his eye. He was more into things like, a giant broccoli, hairy apes and me....

In other words, he was not only my tour guide but my paparazzi...

... and model! 😉

I joked around with him that I wanted this large vase of roses for Valentine's Day, like can you imagine!!!

Also, I have no idea what we were going for in that photo above. LOL 😂

Once we finished exploring the museum, we sprinted across the street to check out the cute installation that I noticed through the window earlier on!

I told Daniel that we should play a game, where we can only walk on the footprints. He laughed and said he wasn’t going to participate in that. A few minutes later, I looked back and saw that he was playing along! 😏

We were in the mood to do some shopping along St. Catherine Street after. Daniel didn’t intend to buy anything, but he ended up spending the most! LOL

We slowly started making our way to La Banquise for poutine! A lot of my friends recommended this place, so we were intrigued to see what the hype was all about. Initially, we were going to commute there but a 45 minute walk didn't sound too bad!

It took us more than 45 minutes and there was a long line up to get seated. The portion sizes were actually so big that we had leftovers to take home. To be honest, it was probably not worth all that walk and wait, but it did satisfy our hunger!

And guess what we did after all that... we spent another night at the arcade trying to beat the highest score for the electronic basketball! Since we had to get up early the next morning, we went to the arcade with $4. Next thing you know, we're running back up to our condo to get all of our change to play some more games! LOL 

Montreal (Part 1)

My boyfriend and I wanted to end summer on a good note last year, so we had a mini getaway to Niagara Falls! We wanted to do something again this summer, and decided to visit Montreal in the last weekend of August!

Daniel has been here a couple of times for his ultimate frisbee tournaments, but he didn't get to explore much of the city. Meanwhile, the last time I've really explored it was in grade eight for my graduation trip, which you can actually read about it here! (I can't believe I've had my blog for this long either...)

Daniel was in charge of finding an Airbnb and booking the megabus tickets for us. After a whole lot of searching, he found a great (and cheap!) lil' place right in the heart of downtown! Almost everything that we wanted to see and do was within a walking distance away.

Once we arrived on Friday afternoon, we dropped off our belongings and got started on our adventure! We technically only had 42 hours to do everything on the itinerary that I've created for us!

Since it was a little too early for dinner, we decided to check out St. Catherine St., which is basically the Queen St. West of Toronto. We were about to make a pitstop at Chatime, but stumbled upon another taiwanese tea place!

We decided to give it a chance, since we noticed how busy they were inside. I can't remember exactly what I ordered, but I do know that it was tasty and I finished it! LOL

Afterwards, we started making our way to Old Montreal to have dinner at Terrasse Sur L’Auberge. This place is known for the amazing views you can see from their patio, which I thought would make for some great photos!

On our way there, we unknowingly came across the Notre-Dame Basilica! It was actually on my itinerary for us to check out if we had time.

I'm glad that we did get to see it because the intricate details on the architecture was amazing!!

We continued our route and finally made it to the restaurant! It was no surprise that there was a long line up to get seated.

Even though we didn't get seated right beside the skyline, we still managed to get great shots! After all that walk, the menu didn't really appeal to us. LOL

We decided to just order some drinks and chips, before leaving to watch street performances and explore the shops!

We slowly made our way back and stopped by at Sesame for their signature asian poutine! That was really satisfying to eat!!!

We ended our night at the arcade trying to beat the highest score for the electronic basketball. We even played it together on one net, and we still couldn't beat it! We just couldn't get a nice rhythm when it came to who goes when.

In other words, we would both shoot at the same time and our balls would just bounce off each other, instead of going into the net!! LOL