It can be a little bit inconvenient to carry my camera everywhere. So when that's the case, I usually turn to my Snapchat to capture the memories. ☺️  Here's a round up of what I've been up to this month! I've been cooling off at Trinity Bellwoods with Joy, playing at the park with Dan, spending a weekend at the cottage with friends,

having a double date with Nancy and Ashad, getting soft serve ice cream with Fab 4, discovering new cooking recipes, trying to win a bootleg Connect 4 game (that ended up not working!) at Dave and Buster's,

making frequent visits to VIPS Sushi for their unreal and huge maki rolls, discovering new poké places, obsessing over Flamin' Hot Cheetos, getting my butt kicked in ping pong by this cute couple,

freaking out over my new employee pass that doubles as a metropass, giving people free metallic tattoos, and drinking lotsssss of boba!!! 😉


So a few days after I hung out with Claudia, one of my friends asked me to shoot his LinkedIn photo. I didn't want to mission downtown to just take a couple of photos, so I messaged my bestie, Thiya, to see if she was working downtown that day. I was so ecstatic when she told me that she could meet up with me after her volunteering! 😄

I remember checking out the menu for this cute little cafe, Charadise, while Daniel and I were waiting for a seat to open up at the cafe next door. Their bubble teas sounded really appealing, so I made a mental note to check it out the next time I was near Kensington Market. The next time happened to be a week later! Thiya ordered one of their mango drinks, while she waited for me to finish up my shoot. When I arrived, we decided to grab dinner at Vegetarian Haven first and then have dessert at this cafe after.

When we got back to Charadise, I was so stoked to finally try something from their drink menu because I'm fricken obsessed with bubble tea!!! 😭 Initially, I was going to order my usual honey green tea with tapioca because I figured that this would be a great way to compare their quality with the other tea shops that offer the same drink. I was intrigued when I saw that they offered passionfruit aloe lime green tea because I remember my friend, Maddy, telling me about her latest obsession with passionfruit.

I decided to switch things up and ordered that drink instead. I still think about how good that drink was to this day!!! I recently found out that Chatime offers a somewhat cheaper and similar drink, which means I don't have to go so far to satisfy my cravings! 😎

Check out these noods!

Guys, I seriously cannot believe that we're halfway through May! Like where has the time goneeeee!!!!!! 😰  This month, I finished my practicum with the kindies and started my new internship with TTC! I also just came back from a weekend getaway at this amazinggg cottage with friends! 😀😀😀  So long story short.. I barely touched my laptop since school ended.

I'm still trying to find a balance between work, boyfriend, friends, blogging and exercise. I am off to a great start on my sleeping schedule though! Now that school is outta the way, I feel like I have no reason to get less than six hours of sleep! 😀

I've got a whole lotta catching up to do for the blog... but let's be real though, when do I not??? 😄 Let's start off by rewinding back to three weeks ago when I had dinner with my good ol' friend, Claudia, at MeNami!

I have been wanting to go to this place ever since I came across someone's Instagram story and heard a review from my friend, Hanna! Claudia had also been here before, so she gave me a rundown on what to try!

We had their corn kaki-age for appetizers and it was so fricken bomb! Just the thought of it right now is making me salivate. Hanna and Claudia both recommended that I tried their oven baked udon and I did not regret that decision at all!!!! Meanwhile, Claudia had their special... I think it was called the potato curry? I can't find it on their online menu, but I remember she really enjoyed it! The curry flavour was too strong for my taste though.

To top off our meal, we tried their ice cream macarons, which certainly did not disappoint! I actually enjoyed this place so much that I went back the following weekend with Daniel and my cousin. And once their patio is open, I'm sure I'll be back again!!! 😄