Our First Date

Hey guysss!!! 😀 I just got back from a cottage trip with my family and friends! This has been an annual tradition for many years that at this point, it wouldn't even feel like summer if I didn't get outta the city for one weekend!

I didn't have time to sort through and edit those photos yet, but I do have some other photos that I haven't shared on here! But seriously though... what else is new!!! I'm always behind on blogging. 😄

So sometime this month, Daniel and I visited the Toronto sign that I had gone to see with Thiya earlier this summer. When I saw the sign for the first time, there were so many people crowding around it that it was impossible to get a photo without anyone in it.

When Daniel and I came here, there was actually a LINE UP to get a photo with the sign! We couldn't believe it!! We thought it was a little silly, but it turned out to be really efficient. 😄

The last time I visited Lakeshore with Daniel, all we wanted to see was the arch bridge because we didn't have that much time. (I get a little sad whenever I come across that blog post, because I accidentally deleted all of the RAW files from that day. In a situation like this, I'm reallyyy grateful for my blog!) This time, we got to take in more of the view as we walked along the waterfront and skipped rocks.

A behind-the-scene shot of Daniel taking the photo below... do it for da gwam!!!!

Ever since he got a new and smaller camera, I find that all he takes photos of are DOGS and ME! Omg... I just realized that he was taking photos of dogs and me on our first date too!!! 😐

He's still my biggest fan. 😄


I have decided to lay low this weekend to catch up on sleep (finallyyyy!!), work out some kinks with my blog and get started on the invitations for my sister's event. Although I didn't do anything exciting this weekend, I realized that I didn't share any photos from what I did last Saturday!! 😀

In the afternoon, Daniel and I went over to my cousin's place for a barbecue to celebrate his 30th birthday. Afterwards, we went downtown to celebrate one of our friend's birthday at the Rec Room! I was really excited to see what this place was all about, since it just opened this summer!!

The Rec Room was really similar to Dave and Buster's. If anything, I think it was cheaper! However, there were lesser games to play and it was more crowded. We did go on a Saturday though... 😄

Most of our tokens went towards the arcade basketball and Crazy Tower game!!! We just couldn't get enough of it. With so many eyes watching you play, you really wanna look like a champ! 😂

Daniel recently bought a new camera, which has proven to be handy for times when I don't wanna bring mine out! At the same time, I'm on the fence about it because he thinks he can be really sneaky with it and snap photos of me without me knowing. So obsessed with me like...

The highlight of my night was having Daniel win me a corn plushie and earning enough points for a box of Mike & Ike!!! 😀

Boozy Slushie

Daniel and I have been meaning to check out this newly opened Thai restaurant, Si Lom, for a while now, but something always came up or it was outta the way from where we were. After many attempts of trying to go here, we finally paid a visit last Wednesday after work!!! 😀😀😀

What really drawn us to this restaurant in the first place was their "boozy slushy bucket." We expected 32 ounces to be a lot, but it was actually a reasonable amount when it was split between the two of us! I personally liked how the slushie and gummies masked the taste of the alcohol. ☺️

We had their vegan pad thai, grilled squid and lotus chips! I'm not gonna lie... we only decided to order the first two items because there was a thumbs up beside their names on the menu. 😄 Everything tasted great, but we couldn't justify the prices for them, especially our drink! But it wasssss cool looking. So maybe. 😁

I can't believe how much I've blogged this week!!!! I'm just tired of making up excuses for my lack of updates, because I really do enjoy blogging. I guess after 8 years of having this blog, it's pretty obvious I enjoy it!!!! 😄 

Our Middle Ground

I can't believe it's August already!!!!!!! I really don't wanna accept the fact that summer is almost over, but at the same time, I'm really excited for what's to come. More on that later!! 😉 Since many of my friends still have one more year left of school, I've been trying to catch up with a lot of them before our schedules get hectic.

One of the people that I always enjoy hanging out with is my best friend, Thiya! Since we both have our own dietary restrictions, seafood or vegetarian is generally our middle ground. Last week, we decided to try Captain's Boil for the first time! Daniel recommended that we ordered their shrimps and mussels to really get the most out of our money. We were gonna go with his suggestions... until we saw lobster and decided to swap the shrimps for that! It was a little messy, but definitely a fun experience!!!

I just realized that the plastic bib makes it look like I'm not wearing anything underneath... 😂 After we finished, we got bubble tea (the usual) and made our way to Lakeshore to try to find this Toronto sign! It got pretty dark out by the time we found it, so we weren't able to get any good shots. It didn't occur to me that there could also be a lot of people there as well..

Thiya and I weren't too bummed about it, because that only means we gotta hang out again and come back here when it's earlier in the day and (hopefully) less crowded! ☺️

Black on Black

Last weekend, Daniel and I spent the afternoon exploring downtown. One of my favourite things about this city is that there is always something new opening up!

There has been a lot of talk about this charcoal ice cream this summer, so we had to see what the rage was all about!!!

The charcoal flavour had this familiar taste, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. It didn't taste burnt.. or sweet.. I dunno man. I really liked the ube and matcha flavours that mine was mixed with though! It did get a little messy once we were halfway through, but I thought it was so clever how they placed a marshmallow at the bottom of the waffle cone to prevent any leaks!

After we finished our ice cream at the park, we walked on over to Cloud Gardens but ended up being disappointed when we found out that it is closed on the weekend.. that was okay though!!! We still had one more thing on our list that we wanted to check out for the day... the DOGGY fountain at Berczy Park!!!

I couldn't believe that they would build something so cute, yet so quirky, in Toronto. Daniel always takes photos of whatever dog he comes across on the street...

...so I knew I had to go here with him! We totally looked like tourists as we snapped photos of this fountain from every angle! 😂

As we were making our way back to his friend's place, who was kind enough to let us park the car there, we walked by Brookfield Place and checked it out. I can totally see why one of my friends like to shoot this spot!

Once we got enough of the AC in there, we made our way home. OH YEAH! We also stopped by a gas station, where I found my favourite Arizona green tea drink!!! I actually thought I wouldn't see it again because an employee at Metro told me that their contract had ended with Coca Cola or something and that I wouldn't be able to find this drink anymore?!

Whatta perfect way to end our Sunday afternoon. ☺️

Cindy Goes to Punta Cana!

WowWw!!!! I can't believe how long it took me to sort through these photos from my vacation! I'm thinking that I should just bring my laptop with me on my next trip, so that I can blog while I'm there and save time when I return! 😄  But without further ado, let's just jump right in!!!

So last year, Daniel and I went to Cancun for my sister's destination wedding! This year, Daniel's sister had a destination wedding in Punta Cana!!!

We've planned this trip for almost a year, and I was so nervous that my internship wouldn't let me go in the end. Luckily, everything worked out fine and I had such a great time!!!

For our first full day there, we lounged on the beach. Well.. I attempted to. Daniel kept telling me to relax and soak in the sun, but for some reason, tanning isn't as fun to me as many people make it seem.

I just don't like the idea of laying there with the scorching sun beaming down on you. I think it's due to the fact that I am taking my skincare regimen seriously. Anyways!!! While Daniel spent his time tanning, I spent hours looking for pretty seashells!!! ☺️

In terms of the food there, I feel like the resort we stayed at in Cancun really set the bar for us. In other words, the food wasn't all that great at Dreams La Romana. The only thing that Daniel and I kept coming back for was their spicy salmon roll at their daily buffet.

They also had seven à la carte restaurants, but most of them were only open for dinner. Out of that selection, we liked their French and Italian restaurants the best!!

In terms of the drinks, I've discovered miami vice and that was basically my water for the whole week!!! 😂

What I really liked about this resort was their wide variety of daily activities! Daniel and I practically did zumba everyday to earn "funny money" to use at their auction. Unfortunately, we weren't able to collect enough money to win anything... 😢

It was ridiculous how high some of these items were going for though, like a t-shirt! These two little girls were battling it out for one and the bid ended at $19000. LIKE ARE YOU FA REALLL HERE!!!! Daniel and I didn't understand how much zumba these girls were doing to get that much money.

The wedding took place in the middle of the week! Daniel's sister had asked Daniel and I to photograph her wedding. I'm not going to lie, I was a little on the fence about it because there is so much pressure to get the perfect shots. This is a once in a lifetime kinda thing, and I didn't wanna let her down.

She kept reassuring us that she will be happy with whatever we gave her. On the day of her wedding, she was honestly so easy going, which made our job really easy! ☺️

She also made her own wedding dress!!!

Alright guys, I'm well aware of how awkward I look in this group photo! This was the only photo where I thought I looked the least awkward ...if that's even possible. 😂

After the ceremony, we all went back to the bride and groom's suite to hang out in their pool before we got ready for dinner! Looking back, this wedding flew by in a blink of an eye. Wait no, this WHOLE vacation flew by once the wedding passed!

Besides the wedding, another highlight of my trip was the spa!!! It was mine and Daniel's first time going and we both got an amazing full-body massage (where I fell asleep and apparently snored...) and got to hang out in a private jacuzzi! Sooo soo sooo bless!!!! 😀

I also want to mention one of the regrets that Daniel and I had during the trip. If the resort asks you if you want your room fumigated, LET THEM DO IT!!! We didn't want to get up at 9am for them to come in, so we ended up fighting off ten moths during our stay! NO BUENO!!!! 😢

Once this trip ended, I definitely went through post-vacation blues, so I created a Latino playlist on Spotify to cope! But seriously guys, check out this song and this song and this song. Straight up bangers!!!!! 😂

Before I end this post, I want to say a big thank you to Steph and Matt for inviting me to their destination wedding!!!!!!! You guys really make me feel like family. ☺️💕