Grad Photo

It honestly didn't feel like I was graduating, until I booked a time slot to get my photo taken. This was one of those moments I was looking forward to since I started my program five years ago. When I was sitting in my gown on that chair, it finally sunk in that this is it. No more essays, exams or readings to do!!! I can finally spend time with my niece, without feeling guilty about neglecting school work.

Speaking of my niece, I'm pretty sure she's awake now, which means I should start heading over. This girl is honestly like a teenager and sleeps in till noon. The weather also looks really promising today, so I think we're gonna go to the park! It'll be her first time going on the swing!!! EEEP! 💓 


Alpha and I hung out the week after she got proposed to and relived that special moment together. She told me what was going through her head when she walked in, how much she loved her ring and what venue she was looking at! I'm so happy I got to be there for her special day and I cannot wait to see her walk down the aisle!!!!! 💛

We had brunch at La Palma and not only was the place aesthetically pleasing, everything we ordered was delicious! This restaurant really deserves the hype it gets. I'll definitely be coming back in the summer when they have their garage door open! 

Mya's Moments

Whoa, it has been a hot minute since I've done a post on my little niece! Without further ado, this is what she has been up to for the month of March!

  • caught her first cold 😢
  • likes it when we sing her "Old MacDonald Had A Farm"
  • blows raspberries (spit bubbles) when she's tired
  • doesn't enjoy reading
  • is beginning to hold the bottle by herself
  • really enjoys sucking on her teething toys
  • enjoys standing up
  • likes to sit in her high chair
  • enjoys looking out the window
  • got her ears pierced!!!
You can read more fun facts over here!!!


Back in March, Monica and I decided to check out Otto's Bierhalle after hearing about the disco experience in their washrooms! Unfortunately, my phone ran out of memory (whyyyyy) and didn't save any of our dancing videos in there, but we just took it as a sign that we gotta hang again!!! 😀 We explored Queen street after, before making our way to Labothery. We saw a huge line-up and couldn't justify waiting over an hour for bubble tea, so we basically took this as anotherrr sign to hang again!! Hahaha

The following week, Monica invited me to the event hosted by the magazine that she works for! Everything was so Instagram worthy. Every performance was so entertaining. Everyone was so cool and creative (all the things that I strive to be! LOL). Thanks again for having me Monica! 💛💛💛

Infinity Mirrors

I can't believe I haven't update my blog in over a month!!! I've just been so busy trying to juggle school, work, sleep, exercise and social life. On the bright side! I will be handing in my last assignment this week (AHHH!!), which means I will finally have time to blog again! 😀