Meet Monica

I visited New York this past weekend and just got back early this morning! I spent the rest of the day catching up on sleep, cleaning out my closet, and editing photos. I can't wait to show you guys all the fun things Daniel and I did!!! ☺️ Before I get to that, I still have a bit of catching up to do on my blog! So let's just jump right in!

Two weeks ago, Monica and I went to Paint Nite together!!!! 😀 I've been to Paintlounge in the past and it's pretty much the same concept. The only difference is that this workshop lets you drink wine while you're painting!

I've briefly mentioned Monica on my blog before, but I feel like I didn't properly introduce her to you guys! We worked together at my school and sat right beside each other in our little office. We immediately clicked when we first met! She loves photography, enjoys exploring the city and gets excited about bubble tea too!!!!!

She was there for me through my highs and lows this past school year and became one of my very good friends inside and outside of work! ☺️

So back to the workshop, the painting instructor was moving along very quickly! Monica and I barely had time to make sure everything was blended properly! 😢 At one point, I was low key panicking because all of my cherry blossoms looked like chicken feet! Hahaha

And here's a look at our final masterpieces!!!! 😄

Mya's Moments

I know I'm a little late on this post, but have no fear, I've kept notes of my niece's milestones for April! 😀 So here's a quick recap of what she was up to last month!

  • became obsessed with her pacifier
  • tried crackers for the first time and loves it
  • is not a fan of bananas, avocados and eggs
  • still enjoys looking out the window
  • took her first sip of water
  • giggles when I say or whisper, "Boo!"
  • touched Jell-O for the first time
  • likes to hold the spoon and feed herself
  • doesn't need the swaddle to fall asleep anymore
  • went on the swing and slide for the first time!
You can read more fun facts over here!!!

Cherry Blossoms

So last week, Jess asked Maddy and I if we were down to check out cherry blossoms! I was really excited to go because I have never been to High Park before!!

You would think that someone like me, who enjoys exploring the ins and outs of Toronto, would've gone at least once in their life! 😄 Daniel and I have been meaning to go these past few years, but it was always hard trying to plan something that worked for our schedules.

We got there around 10am and I thought we were pretty early ...but apparently not! There were so many tourists, baby mamas, and elderlies there already! For those who haven't been before, I recommend taking transit. It was difficult trying to find a parking spot in there, so we ended up parking in one of the side streets and walking in.

The trees were beautiful!!! Now I understand why this park draws in large crowds during this time of the year. We started getting hungry around noon, so we knew that was our cue to get going. It was actually a good thing that we left around that time because we saw heaps of people starting to arrive.

I always enjoy seeing these girls!! We still talk online daily, but it's really not the same as hanging out in-person. I hope this becomes an annual tradition for us and that Jeremy is able to join us next time too!!!