I haven't update since Saturday! I've just been so busy with school! Well now that I have time, I'll show you what I've been doing with my life these past four days! :-) From Sunday to Tuesday, I've been doing my geography assignment. I have to design a suitcase to show where my family came from! :-)


When I brought it in, one of my friends kept saying, "You have so much time!" She kept repeating it to whoever commented on my suitcase and said it was nice! Is it sucha crime that I try my best in everything I do?! Anyways, that was yesterday news!!! :-) Let's talk about today! French was fun third period! I brought my camera to class. :-) Meet the happy and married couple! Hehe :-)


Here are some other random photos in French class! :-) My french teacher didn't care, he actually posed for a picture!


I took more pictures at lunch!!! :-)