Today was probably the highlight of my whole week! It started off like this. In the morning I showed members of my drama group the Halloween wig I brought for the drama presentation today! :-) Some other people saw it and wanted to try it on! Hehehe :-)

We had French first period and all we did was watch the movie, Home Alone. My French teacher didn't really care about us taking pictures! :-)

We had English second period and we watched the movie, Hamlet then we had Science and watched Barbie Thumbelina! Our whole class were actually paying more attention to the Barbie movie than the Hamlet movie!!! Hahaha It was finally lunch!!!


Siham and subi started braiding my hair for no reason and then more girls started coming and braiding! They were all busily braiding my hair the whole lunch period! 

Ibada: I still can't get over how white your scalp is!

Here's the final outcome!

After lunch, we had a math exam for three periods! It took over our drama period, so my group didn't get to present with the Halloween wig I brought! I have wood shop and gym tomorrow - I hope we play baseball!!! We're also going to finish off the movies Hamlet and Barbie Thumbelina tomorrow - it sounds like a good day!!! :-)