Joycelyn came over yesterday! She came with me to get my Mario Kart game for my Wii! When we got back, we chilled at the park! :-) I ♥ Joycelyn's heart sunglasses!!!

(Click on the picnik collage to view it bigger!)

We didn't take that many pictures at the park since it started raining like half an hour later! Mario Kart was so fun! I can't wait until next week when Jen, Camille and oycelyn come over to play with me! :-) I'm gonna kick some butts! I want someone to come over and play with me tomorrow but everyone seems busy. Well that reminds me, I'll give Joycelyn a call and see if she could come over tomorrow! :-)

I'm really scared of changing in high school! I know everyone changes. I just hope only my appearance change and not my inner beauty and that I still remember my beliefs and values! :-)