Yesterday, I hung out with Camille, Joycelyn, Jen, Megan, Ana and Henry! :-) We visited Glen Long park and met this little dude that had a yellow foam baseball and bat! Te talked alot, but we didn't really understand him. Hahaha :-) I played baseball with him and I sucked!!!

After the park, we went to Dairy Queen for some yummy slushies! Hehe :-) After that, we played some basketball at the basketball court! It got boring after so we sat around, talked and took pictures. We all left to different places after. Megan and Ana went back to Megan's house. Jen, Joycelyn and I went back to my house and Camille and Henry both went home! :-)

After we arrived at my house, we went to Metro right away to buy food! :-) We bought KD and popcorn, all for about 7 bucks only! SuhWEEeet!!! Hehehe :-) Gosh, we were so full after!