In geography class, we were all divided into groups (We were able to choose our groups, yay!) and each member in a group were to pick a paper out of the "Fate Box" that would tell us which landform of canada we would be making out of cake! :-) I picked the the St. Lawrence Rivers and The Great Lakes for my group! :-) We decided to do a chocolate cake!


We bought two boxes of Betty Crocker's chocolate cake mix! First, we mixed the batter with the mixer and then poured it into a tray.


While the chocolate batter was baking in the oven, we made the vanilla frosting using this easy frosting that I found on the web! (I've actually been reading this blog for about a year! I love it! :-))


When we were done mixing the frosting, we divided it into five bowls and added each colour of the rainbow into each bowl!


By the time we were done mixing the food colouring with the frosting, the chocolate cake was done! :-)


We cut the cake in half with a nylon thread...


and filled it with each colour of the rainbow frosting! :-)


We put the other half back on after to give it some touch ups!


Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you guys what we did with the second box of cake mix... we made ourselves our own cake and cupcakes to eat! Hehehe :-)


After we put the half back on, it was time to decorate it! :-) As you can see, we got kind of wild!!! Haha :-) I think it still looks fine though! :-) I hope people will eat our cake tomorrow!!!