Happy birthday Camille! I've known you since grade two and our friendship is still going strong! Thanks for always being silly with me in public! :-) I hope you had a great birthday! So, for Camille's birthday this year, we celebrated it at Jack Astors! It was actually my first time eating there so I didn't know what to expect! She invited her old and new friends. I wasn't sure how it was going to be, everyone had this expectation that it was just gonna be awkward, but it wasn't at all! :-)

We all clicked well while eating! The table was full of laughs with Camille's brother and his best friend making jokes and dissing each other! Haha :-)

After we ate, we went back to her house and went to the basketball court. We wanted to play basketball but there was only one net at the court and these guys had it, ugh! We played a little football instead at a nearby field! Jen, Fathiya and I didn't play though, so we were cheerleaders/benchwarmers! :-) We went back to Cammy's house after, and most people had to leave at 7:00, so we just sat on Camille's bed watching her brother and his best friend played Xbox! My parent's picked me up after and we went to Yorkdale to shop! Sadly, I got nothing. Wait! We all got nothing! Hahaha :-)