Today I went shopping with my mommy and bought some cute summer apparels! After shopping, I went home and Jen came over to play with me! We ate noodles, sang Britney Spear's songs, and then we sat outside on the new swing set / couch that my parents bought last week! :-)

We got bored so we went and rode bikes to the convenience store to buy some chips and slushie! After we were done eating chips, Jen wanted to ride around my neighbourhood! We rode down this very long street that had many hills for us to go up and down on! We kept riding until we saw this bridge over a pond and decided to stop and take some pictures!

We continued riding on that path and crossed another bridge and saw a kiddie park!!! :-)

Before we rode back to the park we found in the beginning, we took some pictures at the nearby field and at the bridge!

We took some on the slide at the first park we discovered, before we left!

We felt soo icky when we came back to my house, but it was definitely worth the two hours of fun!!! :-)