It's that time of year again! Last year I started this annual summer list, after I got the idea from this blog! I thought it was a great idea because it just gives me something to look forward to and makes summer seem more meaningful!!! Here's the Summer '10 list:

{} blow bubbles
{} tan in my backyard
{) make tie dye t-shirts
{} play tennis with my sister (x3)
{} eat at johnny rockets
{} make a tent in my room
{} fill up my cork board with photos
{} appear on much music on demand
{} call in on a radio station & request a song
{} go to wonderland
{} go to C.N.E
{} hang out with my long time friend - megan
{} hang with my girlies (x3 - i'm serious.)
{} go to the beach
{} bike to weston park
{} water balloon fight
{} play with chalk & sidewalk
{} make mine & jen's second album
{} go bowling
{} sleep over
{} bake cookies
{} watch the stars at night
{} make a rainbow cake