On Wednesday, I hung out with my close girls at Megan's house! When we all arrived there, we walked to Dairy Queen! After we ate, we went into the community centre. We walked around in there and then we walked into the gym! We turned up the radio loud and started dancing around! We also got some equipments from the equipment room to play with, it was reaally fun until... the supervisors came in asking us if we had permission to play, boooo! We thought it was a community centre and we were allowed to play with whatever we like - I guess not! We left and went back to the neighbourhood where I used to live! It felt kinda weird going back again, it's like I'm reliving old memories.


After taking those photos, we got very hot, so we walked back to megan's house!

We hung out in her backyard and played with her wagon!! Cammy was so nice, she pulled all of us around in it, thanks Camille! :-)


I had so much fun, hopefully we all hang again before school starts!!!! :-)