It was my sister's convocation on Monday!
Wow! Time went by so quick, she's already graduating! Here are a few pictures we took, before we left for her ceremony
! :-)

I think I was more excited than she was for her graduation! Hahaha :-)


When we arrived, we hung around the main hall before we were allowed inside the banquet. It was so hard to find good seats in there, we ended up sitting behind this grouchy lady! Blah! We got some pretty decent pictures of my sister though! 


We were all anticipating for her to come out! 

She graduated with distinction which meant her overall average for her 4 years there was over 80%!!! That also means that my parents are expecting the same from me now!

Our little graduate, all fancy in her gown! :-)


Here are some family pictures! I think this is the first time you guys get to see pictures of my parents!


My sister received three dozen roses that day!She thought she wasn't going to get any since my parents and I lied how we weren't going to buy her any. Hahaha :-)


After the ceremony, we had dinner at Mandarin! :-)

Congratulations Susan!!!