My cousins left today, after two weeks of fun! I hate when they leave, I always get that strange feeling like something's missing, y'know? Luckily, I still have these lovely pictures that we took these past few days to look back on! :-) On the first day they came over, we went shopping and then hung out at the park!

There were so many nice pictures we took that day, it was so hard to just choose a few!

We had to take so many attempt photos to get a perfect shot of us jumping at the same time, on time! I still don't know when to jump on time for my camera timer, after all these years of jumping!

After taken so many pictures, I've learned that the pictures with the sun setting in them usually turn out to be the best pictures! :-)

After the park, we went to Metro to stack up on some food for the next few days!!! :-)

I still have so much I want to share, so keep checking back for more this week!!! :-)