We woke up on Monday morning and decided we were going to bake a rainbow cake! I tried to make one last year with Megan but we didn't have enough time to finish so it wasn't as good. (We'll make another one soon, okay Megan?) This time around, I think I had a better idea of how to make it. :-)

First, we mixed the Betty Crocker's Super Moist Rainbow Bits cake mix (Whoa, that was a handful to type!) and then we divided them into six cups and added each colour of the rainbow into each cup!

We baked each layer and my mom helped us slice the tops to make the layers even so it would be easier to stack them. (Thanks mommy for washing the dishes for us!)

We put icing between each layers and decorated the top layer with strawberries, sprinkles and icing!

The cake turned out so lovely!

It was way better and tastier than we expected! We were going to put icing on the outside of the cake, but we were afraid it was going to be too sweet. The cake tasted great either way! :-)

For the leftover cake, we just placed it in the fridge and ate it the next day. It tasted so much better when it's a bit chilled! :-)

At night time, we made s'mores using the stove! I remember how Joycelyn told me she was roasting marshmallows using her stove and I laughed at her idea but look at me using it now! Hahaha :-)