Today I went to Canada's Wonderland, with Ryan's siblings, my sister and my favourite cousin! I had so much fun! :-)

Ryan's mom got us all free wonderland tickets from her work place! The tickets allowed us to enter wonderland one hour early before the opening time and it also covered our all-you-can-eat buffet!!!

We woke up and got there super early and there was hardly anybody! It actually looked like an abandoned amusement park at one point.. 

Nancy and I wanted to ride on the rides, but there was no one there to operate them! 

After they finally opened to the public, we hurriedly got in line for the Behemoth! I was scared, excited, scared and sweating!!! It's weird how the old me would never go on these rollercoasters! I guess as I grow up, I'm actually getting braver!!!!! 

Nancy and I sat in the second row and she put her hands up for most of the ride! I was trying not to focus on the big drop that was coming, so I started talking about how green the grass was! I was totally pissing nancy off with my chattering! Hahaha Susie and Reneda waited for us but they didn't seem to missed out on any of the fun...

The ride was so fast, I didn't even have time to prepare myself for all the drops that were coming! After the ride, Ozandy was literally in tears! He was totally scarred after that and didn't want to ride anymore! Hahaha I don't have a word to describe the ride but all i know is that I'm not planning to ride on that rollercoaster anytime soon!!!

After the Behemoth, we went on so many more thriller rides!!!

We went on the Antique Carrousel (not exactly thriller), Mighty Canadian Minebuster, Psyclone, and Time Warp! It was finally lunch time baby!

The food was tasty! I didn't eat much though since I get so easily sick on rides!

After the free lunch, we went on the Shockwave! 

We also went on the Night Mares and the Swing of the Century! 


It was too bad that the Windseeker wasn't open today because of the windy weather conditions!

Oh!! How could I forget about the bumper cars!!! 

It was so hilarious when a group of bumper cars were all stuck together in one area!

 I was Nancy's passenger since I always sucked at steering the wheel... :-)

Besides the rides, we also played at the game booths!

Ryan won me a Domo basketball at the Fool the Guesser game! Thank you so much Ryan!!! :-)

We also ate funnel cake, which I was waiting for for the whole day! :-)

Between all the fun, we spent some time taking family photos!!!

Aw!! They look so in love!

Before we left, Nancy and I stopped at Starbucks! I'm so in with the Vanilla Bean Frappucino!

I had so much fun at Wonderland, probably because I haven't been there in so long! I want to say thanks to Nancy, I think she was the reason why I went on all the rides that I did today! :-) After dropping everyone home, my sister and I made dinner for ourselves! We were about to go to Spoon and Fork or Pickel Barrel but I'm soo glad we didn't! We saved money $$$ by cooking our own homemade meal!

We made sweet potatoe fries, garlic bread and macaroni with Susan's unique sauce!

Whatta a great way to end the long week of work!