Yesterday we dropped Judy off at her residence! It's going to be her first year living and learning at Waterloo and I can't wait to hear all about her adventures there! :-)

It was a one hour car ride to get there but it went by pretty quick!

When we arrived, it was pretty exciting to see her new dorm! We all helped her unpack her clothes and thingamabobs.

For her first year, she has to share her dorm with a roommate! (Nancy and I totally snooped her roommate's stuff. Hahahaha)

It's not that bad though since her roommate was very friendly!

We all left her cute messages on her whiteboard, so she will always remember us. :-) I'm sure she'll erase them though. Hahaha

After unpacking, her parents went to Wal-Mart to buy her a mini fridge and lots of food!

We waited for an hour or so... but time went by sooo slow since we got so hungry! We were slowly disintegrating... finally they came back with Wendy's and Judy's mini fridge, how cute!!!

Before we left, we took a few last photos and

exchanged our hugs and goodbyes. :-) Good luck and work hard Judy!!!