Today I spent my day finishing my art assignment! She assigned it to us a month ago and I haven't really started until now. I should really stop leaving things last minute!

Our assignment is simple this time, all we have to do is pick a quote, write it in calligraphy, and draw a picture of what the quote reminds us of. I picked a quote by Andy Warhol but I only used the first five words.

Before I started, I covered the table with my mom's magazines and printed lots of pictures for inspiration!

Since I really suck at calligraphy, I came up with a great idea... :-)

I traced the letters of the quote on my good sheet to use as a guide when I ink and it came out perfect! :-)

After I finished inking, I started on my picture!

It took me a while since I didn't know what to draw and I wanted to include as many details as possible.

After a few hours... this is what i came up with!