Since yesterday was Boxing Day, Susie, Ryan and I woke up at the crack of dawn to go to Wal-Mart! We thought wal-mart would have crazy sales and be super packed but it wasn't all! I still got some good stuff though!

I bought cute cookie cutters, a heart hole puncher,

a new vase for my flowers,

a mini cutting board,

new picture frames and I was finally able to develop my photos! I've been slacking for a while trying to edit and develop them. I promised myself I would do it before the year ended! :-)

Meanwhile, my sister was looking for ingredients at Wal-Mart to make her red-velvet cupcakes. When we got home, she got baking right away! :-)

It was her first time baking and they looked pretty good but they tasted pretty exotic...

we tried to use lots of icing to make it taste better... :-)

After baking, we went out for dim sum for brunch!

Afterwards, I got home quickly to get ready to meet with my cousins!

I got my littlest cousin a gingerbread kit and I was willing to buy my other two cousins anything at the mall since I didn't know what to get them! They got me a cute pearl bracelet.

The mall was packed but we managed to walk around! Haha :-) I got a few items from Aritzia and Pink was having a sale on their fleece sweaters so Nancy and I bought ourselves one!

I also got black sequinced TOMS! To be honest, I wasn't a big fan of them but ever since they incorporated glitter... I fell in love! Hehehe :-)

What I love the most is that they donate a pair to a child in Africa for each pair bought! :-)

So let me tell you a funny story that happened at the mall yesterday... we were walking around the mall and were about to go into American Apparel but they had a power outage and they weren't allowing anyone in but somehow my little cousin, Lisa managed to get in there without us realizing. We went to Sephora instead and we must have spent a good few minutes in there since we had time to put on some eyeshadows and I was able to paint my nails. Haha! Judy was the first to realize Lisa wasn't with us and she and Nancy remembered they saw her walk in with us but for some reason, I didn't recall at all! In short, Lisa was smart enough to go to the security office. Their parents still hasn't found out what had happened yesterday and we promised we won't tell. I guess you guys could know though! Hahaha :-)  How horrible are we though!!!

After shopping at Yorkdale, we went to Korean BBQ for dinner!

The food was tasty but the service was pretty bad..

it was overall a great day filled with great food and great company!
Today I spent the day sorting through the photos I developed!

Besides developing photos for myself, I also made extra copies of each photo to give it to the person(s) that are in my photos! I made small envelopes to place the photos in with a message on the back!

Afterwards, I baked peanut butter cookies for my sister since she had been sick in bed all day! :-)

That's it for now guys, I hope your break has been going well!