My best friend Jen came over yesterday, I haven't seen her since October actually. It was so nice to finally see her pretty little face! We caught up on each other's lives over eating subs and taking photos to add to our memories. :-)

We were also looking at our old photos in our Skydrive and died of laughter at the crazy poses we made. It's really amazing to see how much we grew up in three years! Here's a good example!

During work yesterday, I spent my time looking at recipes on Foodgawker. I actually have so much time at work that I'm able to read blogs, go on Facebook and Twitter! I still remember the time my boss walked in on me while I was on Tumblr and he was asking me what I was looking at... "You know, just clothes, jewelry, food! You should join!" Hahaha :-)

I really wanted to make cinnamon buns with the ingredients I had at home. I had to click on multiple pages until I found a good recipe that didn't need yeast, whew!

The recipe was really easy to follow! I suggest having another person baking with you though, it cuts the workload in half! We realized I didn't have anymore vanilla extract so we substituted with lots of cinnamon and it tasted great still! :-)

While it was baking in the oven, we ate spaghetti for dinner! MmmMm... :-)

The cinnamon buns baked so quick! Look how cute they turned out!!!!! Hehehe

We drizzled some glaze...

and voila!!!

This was actually the nicest thing Jen and I baked together! Hahaha :-) My eyes actually get so small when I smile big!

We also baked them in cupcake holders for her to take home for her family. :-)

Joycelyn also came over today to drop and pick some stuff up! We painted our nails together before she left!

I just had to add that little tidbit in! Hahaha :-) I have to finish packing for Muskoka! I'm leaving tomorrow and I'm pretty stoked! I can't wait to blog all about it when I get back! :-)

P.S. Jess told me not to reveal my co-op board until the co-op fair and I think I'm going to listen to her. I want some surprise for the people going to my school! I hope you all come out to support me on February 9th!