I've been busy studying for tests and working on my summatives so nothing interesting really happened over the past few days! :-) I think co-op is the only thing that helps relieve some of the stress and makes me forget about all the work I have left to do! Here are some random photos I found on my camera that I took these past few days! I'm sure they'll bring a smile on your face! :-)

This little girl Arianna makes me laugh! She and some other girls started singing to What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction and then the tune changed to Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO.
Arianna: Look! I can shuffle!
Me: Show me!
Arianna: It's all in the legs and ankles, Miss. Cindy!

I'm starting to contribute more to their lessons! I helped cut out hundreds of geometric shapes for them...

to make pretty artwork! The ideas they come up with are brilliant!!!

I'm teaching my first math lesson this Friday so I'm really excited!!! :-)

Here are some wacky photos I took with the fish eye effect on my camera!

It was so cute when they all laughed their heads off after they seen the results!

Besides using my camera for photos, I also captured some on my iPhone! (You could also follow me on Instagram!)

Look! It's singing Justin Beaver!!! Hahaha :-)