I finally stepped my foot into the little Black Market vintage store today ...for the first time!!! Before I go into details of breaking that virginity...

let's start from the beginning of my downtown adventures. :-) So I met up with Jen after work today for all you can eat Korean barbecue! I swear this girl is like ...in love with me. This is my third time seeing her this week.... and I ACTUALLY LOVE SEEING MY BEST FRIEND SO OFTEN. :-)

The last time I had Korean barbecue was last year with my cousins! My uncle was awfully generous and told us to order whatever we wanted to eat ...but when the bill came, I just knew I would not be dining that fancy anytime soon! Gosh, come to think of it... thanks for spoiling us, uncle!

I believed I would not be eating it anytime soon until Jen showed me this cheap eat place, Korean Grill House which only costs around $11 / person for ALL YOU CAN EAT! (Anything "All You Can Eat" basically sounds HEAVENLY.)

If you've never been here, I'll give you a brief intro of how it works!

They basically start you off with four types of meat to grill and they include four more appetizers for you to eat with your rice! After that, you can just keep requesting any appetizers you want more of! :-)

The service wasn't shabby but the food was a bit greasy and fatty (especially their chicken... still shivering when I think of that!). If you want a quick and cheap bite, this place would not be a bad choice. :-)


We didn't get too full here but we got pretty tired of eating the same things.. the same burnt things... Hahaha

so we decided to pay and went exploring on Queen Street! She asked me if I wanted to go to Black Market and I was like, "Oh yes!" After hearing so much hype about it, I think the store totally deserves it.  There are so many cheap but stylish goodies if you took the time to look! We didn't really shop today, it was more like feeling stuff up and admiring!

Speaking of admiring, Jen told me she wanted to own a pair of chained sunglasses back then, so I insisted she put one on for me... :-)

"Omg, I hate you, Cindy!"
HAHAHA. What an eye candy!

Afterwards, we kept walking and eventually made a turn into Chinatown and I asked her if she ever tried egg waffles and when she told me she didn't.. I knew I had to show her one of my favourite things from childhood!!!

I'm sure this was what my mom used to persuade me to come to Chinatown with her when I was younger. Oh yeah... and the fact that she would get me origami paper to make paper hearts! :-)

We also grabbed $2 Vietnamese Banh Mi! This is some GOOD stuff, I tell ya. My grandma is a picky eater but she loves these! (Ok, now that I think of it.. why didn't I pick these up for her! Horrible granddaughter!!)

We didn't spend any money on material things today but we spent it all on food!  (The best way to end the Winter Break, right?!!! Hahaha) The last thing we got was bubble tea. If you wanna know the way to my heart... it's this... it's Ten Ren's mango bubble tea with lychee jelly to be exact... :-)

 Oh! That reminds me, my sister and I have decided that from now on, we would spend only $5 on each other's Christmas presents! With that being said.. I got her her favourite Lindor white chocolate this year and she got me my favourite bubble tea! You're probably wondering why are we being so cheap with each other... :-)

It's really the thoughts that counts, right? :-) Okay, fine. We realized that our birthdays are so close to the holidays (My birthday is February 7th ...and hers on February 8th. I'm not kidding here, guys.)  that we might as well go big on each other's birthday gifts than get each other a little thing for each occasion! :-)

After I came home from a long day, I thought my grandma would not be happy with me for living my life in the fast lane recently (HAHAH. Shush.) but she was totally NORMAL. This woman was better than normal! Once I took off my jacket and went to sit down to see why my printer was acting up, she came in and started braiding my hair... for the first time..... kind of strange... but I enjoyed it. :-)

Thank you for ending my Winter Break on such a memorable note Jen and basically, making up most of my Winter Break! :-) If you enjoy reading my adventures, you should definitely check out my best friend's blog! She officially came back onto Blogger yesterday and, gosh, I'm so happy I finally have a friend on here again!

So please make my day and CLICK HERE to check it out!!! 
Unknown said...

Looks like you had such an amazing time! Love the photos :)


Cindy Adores said...

Thank you!!! I will definitely check out your blog! :-)