I've stopped wearing make up to school because you know... if a guy likes you,

he should love you in all your glory right?!?!?! :-)

Haha! The actual reason was that I caught pink eye for the first time last week! It was right after I ate the gingerbread cookie Maddy gave me. So bizarre!!! People literally thought I was ON DRUGS that afternoon. SO SILLY! Hahaha

Apparently I look the same without make up!!! AH.. great! Hahaha

Blouse - Wilfred, Tote - H&M

Here's my outfit for today! :-) I'm in love with the colour burgundy right now and I'm actually pleased with this outfit, considering I only had 5 minutes to get ready in the morning because...

 I had to wrap my S'MORES BROWNIES up! :-) This is a combination of marshmallows, graham crackers and one of OPRAH'S FAVOURITE BROWNIE RECIPE! Jessie said it was the best thing she has ever tasted and Lana said they were really decadent!!! :-) Here's what my other two taste testers had to say about them!



 In all honesty, I didn't think these weren't the best things I baked! They didn't live up to the hype they were given and my sister and I thought something tasted off but WHO KNOWS?!? :-) Maybe they are as good as my taste testers are saying!!! CLICK HERE to give it a try and let me know how it turns out for you! :-)

My school day ended GREAT because I came home to two new sets of water colour paint my sister got for me! :-) I'm so excited to start creating more art in my sketch book! That's my latest masterpiece I created at 1:00 in the morning today! I call it... Lumps. Ok, that actually doesn't sound pretty... :-)


How about.. Scallops. Yeah! That's it!!! :-) Speaking of new supplies, I was productive this weekend and finally cleaned 1/3 of my art supplies! I actually take great pride in my arts and crafts materials. Haha :-)

Speaking of productivity, I finished Cindy's Little Art History Book this weekend too! I have this super odd ability of condensing 20+ pages of study notes into two pages! :-)

It just makes studying seem so much more less and helps with the anxiety...

when you're studying from something so petite! Hehe :-)
thiya said...

i wish youd bake for me cindy. I'd die

Cindy Adores said...

Thiya, I'm hugging you in my head. ❤‿❤*