You could say I'm somewhat, sorta, kinda superstitious but I heard (don't remember from who or where) that whatever you do on New Year's day could potentially indicate what kind of year you would end up having!

I only started to believe it when my auntie (who I'm not... how do you say it... fond of) visited my family on New Year's day one year and that year was not my most memorable or favourite year! Maybe I'm being irrational / weird / odd but c'mon that's pretty freaky, eh?! Ever since then, I had to make sure that my New Years had to be one hell of a memorable day!

I wasn't sure who I was going to spend New Years Eve with but all I knew was that I wanted to spend it with people that I loved and made me happy.

(Let's just take a moment and admire how cute my gwand-mwa looks!!! This was probably the only photo where she looked somewhat amused with me. Hehehe :-))

With that being said, I'm so happy I got to spend it with my besties, Jen, Megan and Thiya!!! :-)

 I didn't care what we did or where we went, as long as we got to countdown those final seconds together! It sucked that my other two girls were in the States this break but they were definitely not forgotten on this night!

I asked my parents for a lighter and I have a feeling they thought I was going to go smoke? HAHA haha

Does that look like drugs, my friends?!

I just love how much we laugh when we're together...

and how weird we are... :-)

We went back inside afterwards to roast some marshmallows in my bedroom... casual... :-)

While we were eating, we were discussing possible names for our group of six. We've been best friends since ever and we realized, we don't have a group name!!! The names we were coming up with were actually so cheesy, we actually considered of just calling our group, "Cheesy."

I gave the suggestion of calling our group, "Graham." You could say I'm just SO CREATIVE or ...I got that name from glancing at a graham cracker box.. :-)

"That's worse than Cheesy, Cindy."
H8ters be hatin' !!!

Before we knew it... something struck me! I remembered how my sister told me that back in her era, she and her friends would say, "LYLAS" to each other. I don't know if you guys know what it means (Because I didn't!) but it basically stood for, "Love you like a sister." We decided that would be the perfect name for our group! Thing is... how do you pronounce it without saying the letters!

"How about LIE - LIS?"
 "Are you guys hungry?"

We spent the last two hours before midnight eating munchies and playing truth or dare. All I gotta say is that, we ended up pouring our hearts out to each other and we were looking at each other ...smiling.. with tears in our eyes. We cried it all out and I believe it's just going to just make room for a heart full of sunshine and smiles for 2013! :-)

Before we knew it, we only had two minutes to make a toast!
"Guys, I hate to break it to you but...
it's 12:00."

Aw sh / t!!!

That didn't stop us from toasting right at 12:00 and when we did, Jen was like,

"Cheers to LEE - LAAHS!"
That's it! We got it.
That's how we'll pronounce it!!!!

L.Y.L.A.S will be pronounced as LEE - LAAHS.

Thank you girls for making New Years Eve so, SO memorable! ♥ Megan and Jen slept over that night to spend our New Year's Day together and this year just couldn't have started any way better!

Back to my superstitious-ness, my right eye twitched in the morning.. and you know what that means?! It foretells that something bad is going to happen to me that day and ... it actually comes true! The same goes for my right leg when it "twitches." I can't explain how it works but I'm not going to lie,

I had taken it to my advantage! Mwuahaha :-)

I was writing a math test and I was having a hard time deciding between two answers for multiple choice. I was about to circle one answer but then my right leg twitched, so I quickly circled the next answer.

It was correct. :-)

Maybe it was a coincidence (Uh huh, uh huh...) but gosh, I do like to believe I'm somewhat of a psychic, like my grandma's sister! Heh.. heh.. heh... :-)


I love how Megan captures everything when she has my camera,

 and it's pretty cool because it actually tells a story! I'll translate it for you guys because "a picture is worth a thousand words." :-)





☺ "JUMP IN!" ☺

Look at what else she captured...

dying.. dying... :-'(

Ok Megan!!! You could have stopped when my foot left the surface!!! :-'(

There's nothing better than spending New Year's Day with my faves!

Thank you so much guys for being here to start off my New Year!!! LOVE YA GUYS 4EVA.

 No, no.

~ 5EVA ~


Before I end this, I want to say,

Happy New Years, everyone!!!

2012 has been filled with so many surprises for me! Who would have thought I would get so many surprised baked goodies from my friends, get closer to more people, spend so much quality time with my little nephews, get an iPhone, have my braces removed and most of all, finally owning my OWN DSLR CAMERA! This year has been filled with so much joy and …I’m just so, SO grateful.

I’m grateful for great family and friends and I’m thankful for all of you who have been following my little adventures and hopefully you will continue in the New Years!!! :-)

There are so many things to look forward to already – like applying to University (Ew, ew, ew. I’m just kidding there!), my birthday and the fact that I got to use a new toothbrush this morning! I’m happy!!! :-) (Just so you know, I do change it every three months ok!)

May your year be filled with LOTS and LOTS of 
great health 
and most of all, 

Anonymous said...

ur just so cute.

Milla said...

so beautiful pictures, love your blog! :)

Cindy Adores said...

Thank you! x

Levi (tlnique) said...

Ha! Another awesome Nguyen ;) Lovely photos, may 2013 be a good year for you!

Cindy Adores said...

Hahaha! :-) Thank you! I also wish you all the best for 2013! x

(By the way, your artworks and photos on your blog are stunning! Wtf.)

Klaudia B. said...

great post!

Klaudia B.

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Thank you so much! :-*


Cindy Adores said...

Wow! That's so nice of you to say, thank you!! :-)


Cindy Adores said...

I think I know who this is! :-)
Thank you!


Cindy Adores said...

Thank you so much! :-) x