I’m so happy that late starts are back!!! It’s always nice to have one – especially when it falls on the same day as my first period spare! That is what I would call a… “blessed” day! :-)

I took advantage of this beautiful morning by redoing my chipped nails with my new nail polish, “Sew Psyched.” I can’t tell you what colour it is because under different lighting… it either looks grey or olive? (Sounds trippy, now that I think of it!!!) Megan got it for me as a Christmas gift and she also gave me a bangle with these cute little spikes in them and …I’m in love!

When she gave me the gift, she also invited me for dinner that night! I was so amazed by the way they ate… like I wish my mom put rice on plates during dinner too!!! I was totally convinced that they ate that fancy every night until she told me they only did it because I was there! Oh. :-)

“I swear my mom literally peeled off the sticker off these plates when you got here.” I was so …flabbergasted and flattered!!! Hahaha Her family even urged that I come over more often so they could eat this fancy! How sweet!!! :-) Thank you so much Megan!

(By: Kellen L.)

So today was the due date of our art summative - PART TWO! We had a little art gallery in the classroom where we showed off our masterpieces! :-)

(By: Sarah I.)

When we have these kind of classes... I would just consider it as a blessed period!!! (That WORD is growing on me! I know if I was to use that word in real life, it just wouldn’t flow well ….so I’m just using the oppourtunity to use it here! Hehehe)

(By: Tatiana F.)

Here’s a quick recap of what we had to do for this summative! We basically had to create a total of four artworks based on one theme... and that’s pretty much … it! :-)

(By: Alexa P.)

This is one of my favourites! The details and everything is awesome and plus… I just love Alexa so anything she does is amazing! Hah! :-)

(By: Angeline P.)

(By: Elaine G.)

(I really want to thank my classmates for letting me display their artworks on my blog but if you would like it removed, just comment below!)

(By: Krysten W.)

Here's a recap of what I did for my summative! I wanted my four artworks to depict a narrative and/or a transformation. I eventually got the idea of doing a self portrait of myself for each high school year! :-)

(By: Jackie D. - She has the same birthday as me!)

 I used the same process of dry point etching… well.. I’m kind of stuck with that technique now!!! Hahaha It’s actually not bad though! After making a dozen prints last time, I’m getting used to cranking that printing press and I think.. No!

(By: Henry P.)

 I did gain some muscles while I was at it.. :-)

(By: Laura M.)

This time I didn’t have to make a dozen print to get the perfect one…

(By: Virginia L.)

I JUST HAD TO MAKE TWO. Happy dance!!! :-)

(By: Emilie M.)

Thing is… I didn’t realize my second one was the best one .... until I made 8 MORE EXTRA PRINTS. No words, no words. Hahaha

That's me! Sophomore Cindy! Stay tune for Junior!!! :-)

Everyone is telling me that I changed so much and I didn’t realize it until I looked at my previous photos! Not going to lie, I’m not even used to my own reflection yet! Hahaha (Click here to view Freshman Cindy!!!)

The next thing I looked forward to was lunch time because I’ve been dying to ....bite Santa’s head off. :-)

(Thanks Madday!)

The day ended great with my two friends, Kalene and Arsalan (boy-who-is-in-love-with-my-hands)... :-)

I don’t think I ever really mentioned my close friend, Kalene on my blog ... (or Arsalan... but that'll be for another time! Hahaha) Besides being my walking buddy, she’s basically the first friend in high school that I felt completely like myself with. I mean.. I can sing and just ....burp in front of her. :-)

Just one of those people who just feels like “home.” You know what I mean?!?! In short, I know she always has my back and I love her to pieces! :-)

Time to go eat an apple and study for my economics test…

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