For some reason, when my boss seems irritated at me or at something else... it happens to fall on the same days I get my paycheck!!

I would ask him to get paid at the end of the day and he would ask me how much I'm receiving and then when I tell him... he would compliment me on my work ethics... and GIVE ME A RAISE!! :-)

Speaking of work, there's this little bakery nearby that sells these meringues. I always find myself staring at them while I wait in line to pay! Hahaha

I never tried them before and I...  actually didn't know what they were made out of... until today! :-)

They're basically these very light and airy cookies made from egg whites and sugar. To be honest... the only reason I decided to bake these was because I ran out of flour and I had this urge to bake! :-)


I found this chewy chocolate meringue recipe on my favourite baking site and it seemed pretty simple and quick to make!

Okay.. maybe it wasn't THAT simple...

It asked for SEVEN eggs and that was probably the most eggs I ever cracked in one sitting. It's so rare for me to even be able to crack 1 egg without getting the shell in there SOOOOoo...... Hahaha

It also wasn't that quick to make! It took about 20 minutes to mix the egg whites and sugar until it turned white and glossy! The mixture was so beautiful!!


Oh yeah, I recommend using an electrical mixer to speed up the process! I tried using my arm and a whisk... for five minutes... and my grandma just watched me and laughed because I wasn't getting anywhere! Thanks!! Hahahah

MY BABIES DID NOT BAKE WELL IN THE OVEN! Since I didn't have parchment paper... they pretty much got stuck on the aluminum foil! At first I thought it was because I under baked and they were too soft to be removed...

until I tried overbaking and OH GOSH... no. Jussssst no.

I started searching on Google for solutions and this was actually a common problem when it came to baking these! What they did to solve it was add a bit of oil onto the baking sheet to make it easier to remove the cookies... and it worked like a charm!!! (CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE.)

Did I like these? Yeahhhh... not bad.
Would I recommend these? Probably not! :-)

Back to my paycheck story...  I think that my boss gives me a raise as a way to apologize to me! If this is the suffer I gotta take to get a raise...

then it ain't no thang but a chicken wang!!


  1. Que buena pinta!!

  2. Awwww give me some! <3 They look amazing and I'm sure they taste good too :D

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