Although Cammy does something different every year for her birthday, all the activities she had chosen to do seems to require one important skill...

HAND-EYE COORDINATION ...which I CLEARLY don't have!!! Hahaha

This year, Cammy chose to play pool for her 18th birthday at the Annex Club! Megan, Joy, Jen and I were the only ones who never played before, so Cammy taught us all the basic tricks...

which were actually... not that basic... :-)

She suggested that we should practice pushing the ball around with the stick before we got serious and start playing a game... PFFFT. SHE'S SO FUNNY.

Once she left our table, we divided into two teams! It was Jen & Cindy vs. Megan & Joy! :-)

I can't believe Cammy would think we needed practice... it's not like we sucked so badly that by the time we actually finished playing our first game,

her and her friends were already on their FIFTH. What the he--, I... don't even know... Hahahah! Our table actually didn't take the game that seriously...


If you never played pool before, here are the rules... well it's probably more technical than how I'm explaining it but what I learned was that, each team has to claim either the striped balls or the solid coloured balls.

You have to aim your white ball at what your team had claimed. In other words, Jen and I claimed the striped balls, so we had to use our white ball to push our striped ball into the hole. Wow. It's literally a chain!

Since it was my first time playing, I had a lot of questions... like are we allowed to hit the ball sideways??? BECAUSE I DID THAT A LOT. Hah! Another question I had was...  what would happen if I accidentally hit Megan and Joy's balls into a hole for them... "We'll ask Camille when that happens."

10 minutes later...

I UNINTENTIONALLY MADE IT HAPPEN! I asked Camille... telling her I wasn't the one who did that... but she already knew it was me!!! She told me that I had helped the other team by doing that! Sh!t. I'm sure Megan and Joy looked at me as an advantage for them!!!

Even though I suck at pool, I still had a lot of fun!!! I especially loved it when the other team made their white ball fall into the hole... which meant my team was able to place the white ball anywhere on the table! :-)

We played one more game and eventually... Megan and Jen left to sit down and it was just me and Joy versing each other...

and OH GOSH, WE LEGIT DID NOT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. For example, Joy would let me go twice when I really sucked... like when my white ball only moved one centimeter!! Hahaha

After we realized how pathetic it was getting, us four went to watch Camille and her friends play and they were so kind to invite us to join them and PFFFFT, YEAH RIGHT. They're waaaaay too pro! Hahaha

After they ended their game, it was time for Cammy to quickly open her prezzies! Since Jen, Megan and I were so busy this week, we literally bought Cammy's presents an hour before her birthday and I'm sure she knew...

especially since we were asking her what was on her wishlist THE DAY OF HER PARTY. Hahaha!

Three shopaholics going shopping together for presents... was... let me just say... we got off track!!!

"I WANT IT..."
"Can I just try this on first...."

When Megan went to try on a top at Topshop, Jen and I waited for her ...while casually painting our nails with their nail polishes! FREE MANICURES!!! :-)

Besides getting sidetrack, we all managed to find a present for Cammy and it was so cute to see how much she loved them!

The night ended perfectly with some authentic Thai food


and catching up on each other's lives on the bus ride home!

Since I live in a different direction than all of them, I had to sit on the rest of the bus ride alone... but I wasn't lonely!

I had Camille's belated birthday gift to keep me company! :-)

(PSSSSs! Check out my glittery nail! Hahahaha)

May your year be filled with nothing but happiness.

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(My blog was on a hiatus during Camille's 16th birthday!)
Unknown said...

I loved to play pool when I was young. :)

Happy Birthday to your friend. Looks like a fab day!

Cindy Adores said...

Thanks for the visit! :-) x

Estefanía Ainoza said...

Really nice! I love it!!

De Luna said...

nice photos, hope you had fun :)

Cindy Adores said...

Thank you! :-)

Cindy Adores said...

Thank you! :-)

Men Trend said...

Great pictures! Looks like you had so much fun!!

Christina Solovjova said...

Like this photos!
U have nice blog, I will follow you.

Have a nice day!
Christina Klein

Unknown said...

That was such a fun day... even if we only played two rounds! Lol x

- Justine

Cindy Adores said...

It was a great night! :-)
Thank you for dropping by! x

Cindy Adores said...

Aw! Thank you so much! :-) x

Cindy Adores said...

Hahahah x

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures :)
Seems like a perfect time


Coline ♡

Cindy Adores said...

Thanks so much! :-) x