Maddy definitely knows the way to my heart... is through my tummay!!!

This week, she baked me banana chocolate chip muffins... well... she kind of baked that for me last week... AND the week before that.. AND I AM NOT COMPLAINING AT ALL. It's my favourite cake favour. YUP! I would choose that over any types of flavours - waittttt, my love for carrot cake is also at the same level! Hehe

In return for Maddy's cute muffins, I gave her some BREAD! :-) When I texted her telling her I had bread to give her... she thought I was joking and I really meant I didn't bake her anything for this week and I was just offering her my slices of bread to compensate... Hahahaha

I remember during lunch last year, Jessie told me that she was eating bread that her mom had made last night. I was SO SURPRISED that her mom baked the bread! I just thought it was so smart and budget friendly! Since then, I have been on the hunt for the perfect bread to bake!

I didn't know I had to deal with yeast when it came to baking bread.

Did I have a good time with it today? Not really.... My yeast did not foam up like it said it would in the recipe!!!

I had to take a risk and altered the recipe a bit and let's just say, it did not mess up the final product! :-) I split the recipe in half to bake two wreaths and the first one didn't turn out so well... and at that point, I regretted making it... and my sister and I agreed I should have stuck to making cinnamon buns..

but the second wreath baked really well!! :-) It was too bad the portion sizes were small so I didn't get to share with all my taste testers at school! The ones that got to try it APPROVED and told me how they liked untwining it to eat! They were also fascinated as to how I made it, so here's the recipe guys!

I didn't find this recipe that easy to make but I think the final product was totally worth it!!! :-)

I'm off to catch the new episode of Vampire Diaries on the iPad! :-) Ya!!!!! I got a new mini iPad this weekend - well my sister actually got it for my parents but y'know -

Unknown said...

Nice photo's, girl;}X

Cindy Adores said...

Thank you!!! :-) x

Cindy Adores said...

Thank you!! Hehe x