Yesterday I threw my very first surprise birthday party for my best friend and oh boy... Megan believed all the lies I was telling her!!!

The plan was that her and I would go out for dinner to celebrate her special day... and I couldn't believe that she would spend her birthday with only me?!?!? Wow. The honour, honestly. I told her to meet me at Starbucks because I wanted to order my favourite frappucino...


for her! :-)

 Her mouth dropped when the server called out the name and I made her walk up and get it. (So cute!!! Hahahaha) She wanted to do some shoppin' before dinner and I was totally down ...but I told her that we had to eat dinner at 7 pm. She's like, "Why? You made reservations?"

"Oh! They don't do reservations for Friday and Saturday." (Pickel Barrel actually don't!) After I said that, I thought it over... and I realized I had no good reason to go at that time... ummm... but then Megan was like, "Oh, 'cause it gets really packed after?" (Sure! Let's just go with that!!!) "Um.. yeah!!!!" :-)

Cammy and Joy helped us wait in line for seats while Megan and I walked around the mall! (Thanks again, guys!!!) While we were in Zara, Cammy kept texting me and I thought Megan would be suspicious that something was up because I rarely text... especially when I have a companion! I just told her that I was texting my sister about something and she believed me! Whew! Hahahaha

When it was 7:10, Megan was still in the changeroom while I waited for her outside the curtains.. and I just blurted out, "I'm hungry. Can we go eat after?" (NOT WEIRD AT ALL... Hahahahaha) "Oh, sure!!" :-)

When we arrived at the restaurant, I just went up to the host and told her we were here for, "Megan's table."  and OH MY GOSH, MEGAN WAS TOTALLY CONFUSED. "What?!?! You said they don't make reservations??" I just kept shushing her and we followed our server to our table... and once she saw...

CAMMY AND JOY... I HAVE NEVER SEEN HER SO HAPPY. She was literally hollering with watery eyes and all the tables behind and beside us turned around!!!! Best reaction ever!

We started breaking down our plan to her while we ordered our meals and she couldn't believe how oblivious she was after she thought it through!!! While we revealed the plan to her, I revealed to Joycelyn that I have been a vegetarian since Monday and she just could not believe it, "You're the biggest meat lover I know!!! Why?!!"

It's true though! My sister used to call me a meat - ah -tarian (...if that's even a word!!! Hahahaha). I just slowly got turned off by meat throughout the years and I have thought about becoming a vegetarian for some time now.

I have been decreasing my intake of red meat but this week, I decided to make my diet completely vegetarian to see if I can handle it and I honestly can. I've had no cravings at all, even with any close encounters!

I honestly feel different inside... lighter perhaps??? I definitely feel like I have more energy, that's for sure! It feels weird but GOOD! My best friends were so sweet for trying to help me find a good dish to eat last night!!! :-)

After we ate, we were waiting for Megan to leave the table or for the waiter to come around so that one of us could secretly ask him to get her the cake! Megan left for the ladies' room and the waiter was still no where to be found!

When she came back, we decided to let her open the presents from us in the meantime! I stumbled across the prettiest lace top at one of our favourite stores and as much as I wanted to buy it for myself, I knew Megan would look absolutely lovely in it! :-)

While she was finishing up opening the last of her presents, our waiter finally came around to ask if we needed the bill and Joycelyn managed to mouth, "Cake!" to him... Heh.. heh.. heh ;-)

All the waiters appeared holding the dessert and Megan's face lit up but Joycelyn quickly bursted her bubble and said, "It's not for you."

Poor girl!!! Hahahaha

BUT WHO ELSE WOULD IT BE FOR? Her reaction was priceless!!!!!

"Ah, I HATE YOU GUYS!!!!!"
"Time to make a wish Megan!!!! Wish for money..."
"...and BOYS!!!!"

The number of times Megan said, "I hate you" to me before, during and after dinner... while giving me hugs every time...

made me smile so big!!!!!! :-)

I hope you had a wonderful 17th birthday, Megan because you really deserve it!!!! May your year be filled with endless amount of laughs and love. xxx

ahoymichelle said...

You are so sweet to throw your best friend an amazing birthday surprise! I don't think my lies could get through the first portion of a surprise birthday party for my friends (I'm a terrible liar).