I rode my bicycle to school on Tuesday morning and on my way,

I bumped into my good ol' friend, Cody! I took off my headphones and wrapped it around my phone and placed it in my basket. Cody and I walked the rest of the way to school until I had to go ride off to lock my bike. After locking my bike, I grabbed my backpack and I realized...

my phone was not in my basket anymore!!!

I mean, I wasn't really panicking as much as I should be.. I was maybe a little antsy but at the same time.. I was never really attached to my phone. I mean, the only thing that would suck about losing it is wasting my money! I honestly had no secrets, photos or messages to hide!

 I started walking back to the the spot where Cody and I departed our ways trying to look for my phone and it was no where to be found. I walked into the school and bumped into my friend Arsalan and told him everything that has happened. I asked him to call my phone for me and after a ring or two...

a man actually picked up!!!

He gave the man my name and grade and after they hung up, he told me that the guy saw me drop the phone and he's on the highway right now but he's turning back right now to return it to me!!! I wasn't sure if this was actually happening!

After half an hour or so, he texted my friend to let me know to go to the office to pick it up!!! :-) The man that returned it was wearing a super bright neon shirt and he had silver hair! Pretty rad!!

That was one of the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me! Honestly, he could have easily stole it... since... ok this is dumb... but I don't have a password on my phone. :-)

I'm lazy ok!!! Ain't noboday got time for that!!!! Well, after that incident two days ago, I quickly put a password on my phone once I got it back! I checked to see if he opened any apps or files on my phone... and he didn't!

Gosh, there are really nice people in this world. :-)
Anonymous said...

that happened to me once

ahoymichelle said...

Oh my goodness! That man is an absolutely samaritan for returning it to you despite his departure after finding your phone!