In 20 days, it will mark mine and Jen's 7th year friendship anniversary!!! I already surpassed this mark with my four other girlfriends and at this rate, I think that "BFFL" term that I threw around carelessly when I was younger doesn't seem like an unrealistic promise to keep anymore!

The last time I saw this bohemian girl was two and a half months ago when she came over to help me film the first scene of my documentary of my grandma! Even though we haven't seen each other during that duration, it didn't mean we stopped communicating! Woop woop!!!

It was a great evening hanging with my best friend, we managed to snap a few quick shots during the golden hour,

before the night spilled over and we had to run inside after 20 minutes because I was getting bitten to death... like the usual!!!!!

Oh yeah! I asked my dad to trim (TRIM!!!) my hair when Thiya left on Monday night and yeah... his definition of trim vs. mine seems to be different??? Not gonna lie, it's so much easier to maintain my hair now!

If only controlling myself from not scratching my body was this easy too... Ugh!!!


  1. The older you get, the easiest it is to spot those true friends. I love it so much.


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    1. Thanks so much Elisa! I enjoyed your latest post by the way! :-) x

  3. So many beautiful pictures and nice impressions.
    Love it. :)


  4. Wonderful friends are hard to come by, you are very lucky! Beautiful photos ♥

    1. Thanks so much Irela! I'm a new follower of your blog and your photography totally beats mine! x

  5. great blog. love your photos. i've been friends with 2 of my best friends for 20 years! crazy huh

    reckless abandon blog

  6. Golden hour is my favorite, I love when I come across someone who knows what it is! xx

  7. You're pretty, post more photos of yourself.