I cannot even describe in words how unreal this whole experience truly was! I had the amazing opportunity to attend the 4th annual OVO Fest at Molson Amphitheatre this year.. and that's not all.. I GOT VIP SEATS!!!

This wouldn't have been possible if I haven't entered Fruttare's Next Blogger contest (Click here for more details!). In short, I was chosen as one of the top ten finalists to have a chance to become the next blogger for their super fast growing company!

To win the grand prize of working for them, I was paired up with another partner, Graeme and we were simply assigned to attend and blog about one of the music festivals happening this summer!!! (I'll definitely keep you guys updated once I blog for them!) When we first met, he showed me this mascot he made last minute!!! SO CUTE!!! HAHAHA

Before assigning us to a concert, they asked each of us what genre we preferred and I didn't want to be picky and all... so I just told them I'm down for anything!

Once I received the email that I was going to the OVO Fest - MY. JAW. DROPPED.

I had to read that sentence 10 times to know if they were for real!!!!!! I said I'm down for any genres but rap is definitely at the top of my list! My love for Drake started in 2009 and I don't know what else to say except.. I WAS SO EXCITED!!! Hahaha


Although I found out Frank Ocean cancelled last week, it was all good! The lineup for the next night looked insane enough! Plus, I already saw Frankie up close and personal last year so I was able to handle the news fairly well!

Once we arrived there on Monday afternoon, Lisa was there to greet and helped us get in! I felt so cool when she went up to the security guards and was like, "They're with me," while a whole crowd of people was watching and waiting to get to their seats! I'm pretty sure they were wondering how we got to cut them and who we were?! HAHA

Graeme and I did interviews, got photos taken of us, received free samples and swag! Wow... is this how it feels like to be famous!!!?!!! At the end of the interview,

 Lisa was like... "Did you guys actually say "twerk" and "yolo" in the interview?"

... Possibly.

We started predicting who the surprising guests could be! I mentioned how I would literally die if Kanye West or The Weeknd made a guest appearance, while Lisa was hoping Miguel would come on stage!

I was so happy to meet people who I bonded with so quickly and easily

...and the fact that we all shared the same sense of humour made it even better!!! There was never an awkward silence! WOO! Ma people!! Hahaha

I have to be honest now. Before going to this event that day, I felt so much pressure! For the first time ever, my photography is going to be judged and it's going to be one of the big contributing factors as to whether or not Graeme and I will make it!

I hate to admit it but most of the time, I think it's luck whether or not I get good photos of the artist on stage!!! In a crowd of people, it's sorta difficult to get a focus and clean shot without flying arms covering! As I was getting ready, I gave myself a cheesy pep talk, "Whatever happens, happens Cindy. Just enjoy yourself, don't try so hard... and make the best of it!"

For the first time ever, I GOT TO USE MY DSLR AT A CONCERT!!!! We were prompted several times by security guards about my camera and eventually, I was able to pass through! With the V.I.P tickets, we were in the 200th row and I am forever thankful for that!!!!

Everyone stood up when Drake came on stage!!! I was happily snapping photos until I SAW THE WEEKND ON THE BIG SCREEN. I WANTED TO CRY. I'm seeing him in October but like, I just looked at Lisa and SCREAMED. TOTAL FANGIRL!!! HAHAHA

Drake mentioned how much he loved our city and how he knows what his city loves... and once he said that.. J. COLE CAME OUT. Drake didn't even give the crowd a chance to breathe, he kept pulling out artist after artist and I COULD NOT HANDLE IT. Here's the complete list!

I was snapping uncontrollably at the beginning of the concert but once I remembered what Joycelyn told me at the last concert, I started to take it easy. She told me that she knows how much I enjoy taking photos but the thing was, she didn't feel like I was enjoying myself if I was living these experiences through a camera lens.

With that said, I snapped half the time and the other half... I was fan girling so hard and booty shaking with Lisa and Graeme!!! I also took a moment to look at everyone else enjoying their time and guys.... it hit me at that moment. I realized what the purpose of living is 

...it's to simply be happy.

I don't know if it makes sense whatsoever but I felt like I was in infinite bliss... especially when KANYE came out, I felt like I could die happy right there!!!! All my problems and worries were just gone. I don't know how to explain it but literally nothing mattered in that moment!

At the end of the concert, Graeme, Lisa and I just looked at each other and belched out Drake's lyrics, "STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM AND NOW WE'RE HERE, STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM NOW MY WHOLE TEAM HERE!"

This will always be one of the best concerts of my life and this is possibly one of my cheesiest posts ever but...

 YOLO right? :-)
Do It For The Irony said...

Gah, you're so lucky! Congrats. I'm so jealous that you got to see Drake :)


ChristelPaola said...

The photos of the concert and Drake look amazing!! Looks like you had a blast!


Cindy Adores said...

He's truly an amazing performer! x

Cindy Adores said...

Oh yes I did! :) x