Last night David gave Jess and I our bracelets he got for us in Korea two weeks ago and it finally sunk in that he is officially moving to London this Thursday!!!!!! He's making it harder to say goodbye to him since he's being oddly nicer to me these last few days and complimenting me!

He admitted that I'm a good friend ....but I'm weird - an "acceptable kind of weird." THANKS???! He also admitted that he thinks I'm hilarious ... and super fun to be around with and awesome and how he wishes he was like me. (Ok, I lied about that last part. I'm just pushing it now HAHAHA.)

There's one thing he would never admit though and that is... 
he's going to miss my little burps the most. :-) 
Teffy @ Sprinkle of Green said...

Nice b&w photos! We don't see them enough in blogs.

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