In my previous blog post, I mentioned how I love having only one gap in my timetable but I forgot to mention how I love having Wednesdays off too! (Next semester, I will also have Fridays off - So excited!!!!) I usually use that day to catch up on my readings but yesterday, I decided to go to school to help out Madelle with her astronomy project! Jasmine, Madelle and I had dinner at this cute restaurant our school created, before Madelle and I went up on the roof!

We had to take a picture of the stars she was assigned (Aries) and the problem was that -- my camera does not take pictures when it can't detect tiny objects!!! I realized that all I wanted was my camera to take a picture of anything dark -- like how can I force my camera to take a photo even if it was unfocused?? That was when it hit me - TIMER!

She couldn't stop thanking me for assisting her but to be honest, I gotta thank her for admiring my photography and letting me go stargazing for the first time!!!! xxx